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Just found out im 5 weeks pregnant. Got the worse cold that always turns into a cough


Just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Got the worse cold that always turns into a cough.

Its my first baby and it is a big shock.

I know I cant take many drugs whilst im pregnant. But im coughing up mucas with blood in it.

After my last post I got an asthma plan sorted which means I have prednisalone in the house. But im unsure if I can take it if im pregnant.

Obviously going to call some one today. But any support would be much appriciated.



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The benefits of using prednisolone during pregnancy will usually outweigh any risks.

See here:-

Happy pregnancy!

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I'm sorry I can't help with meds advice. I had my children a long time ago, and meds have improved since then. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope all goes well.


Thank you both for your kind words x

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Check with your doctor but when I was pregnant I took both pred and antibiotics for chest infection :) congratulations!

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First of all, congratulations. There shouldn't be a problem. Have you looked at the leaflet? If there are any risks to pregnancy they will say. All the best.

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Thanks guys.

The doctor gave me inhalers and told me to double up, obviously.

He gave me another prescription with amoxicillin and pred on it. He said theres a lot of viruses going round so to wait to see if the mucas subsides over the next day or two. If not to start the antibiotics then the pred.

He was a lovely doctor.

Thanks for the support everyone x


If your coughing up blood get it checked hun congrats

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