London folk

Hi can i just hope that all you guys from london are safe tonight and if youve got anyone injured my thoughts are with you xx

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  • I agree,please stay safe everyone xxx

  • Defo that goes for everyone in every city how are you tonight damon x

  • I'm fine thank you. Hope you are all ok xxx

  • Im fine thankyou glad your ok xc

  • How sad x

  • Hi sarah yes we are all so lucky we all have conditions that are awful but it brings home how lucky we are xxx

  • Hi hay I know there is always people worse off hope ur ok Hun x

  • Im fine hope your feeling well only a few more days till op for me

  • Been a bit breathless today hay but feeling a bit better now every time I use deodorant it starts me of think I will just stick to me roll on ha awww what day is ur op soon be over be worth it in the end xxx

  • Sorry your feeling ill sure is a good spray its the 4th april hun xx

  • Awwww not long hay good luck Hun xx

  • Thanks hun what will be will be someone i knew for years died yesterday and its gave me a kick lifes for living xx

  • Awwww sorry to hear that sad news and it sure is hay especially when we have kids x

  • I know hun a few months ago i was ready to chuck towel in id got so low now im back fighting we have too as mums sometimes though its hard

  • Ano how you feel hay I've been there but my kids need me more than anything and I need them x

  • Defo hun this ops my lifeline so gotta go for it wanna be around bit longer xx

  • What's the op for hay x

  • Hi hun do u speak to operanut bit worried as they normally reply quite quick

  • Thanks for your concern. If it hadn't been for a further chest infection / asthma flare my husband and I could have been caught up in the carnage as we were intending to go into London today- instead we had a quiet day at home following a visit to my GP...

  • I glad your ok keep safe

  • My daughter was at Westminster yesterday for a meeting - luckily she's safely in Yorkshire today but I think she's a bit rattled. I feel sorry for those who found themselves in the wrong place today.

  • Hiya bet yr a bit shaken as well whats the world coming to

  • I forget sometimes when im ill all sufering in world it gives you a kick seeing whats gone on today all stay safe and well xx

  • Thank you.

  • It's awful. Those poor people who lost their lives and their families. Thank goodness we have a strong police force in evidence or it could have been a lot worse.

    I lived in London for many years and at the height of the bombings etc. and Londoners know and accept the risks of living in the capital. They are a tough lot and will be ok.

  • Hi do u speak to operanut bit worried as they normally reply quite quick

  • Hi do u speak to operanut bit worried because the normally reply quite quick

  • Has anyone heard off operanut im worried

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