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Excercise induced asthma??

I just got over a chest infection 2 weeks ago since then I been left with painful lungs especially when I excert myself. I went for along walk about 5 miles today and my lungs felt on fire. I was tired too. I just taken my fostair inhaler and lungs feel much better but still feel tired and rough. I read this could be excercise induced asthma.

Anyone got it and feel that way too? and should I see doctor? or just start using inhaler more when I feel this way?

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Hi. I have exercise induced asthma but I already had it before I got 2 bad chest infections close together. I found that I felt really ill after having the chest infections and had pain in my chest. It has taken me many weeks to fully recover. I think that you are pushing yourself too much perhaps. Having said that, if you feel that something isn't right then get an appointment with your doctor or asthma nurse to get it checked, as only you know if something isn't normal for you. Take care.


It can take your lungs about 3 months to recover fully after a chest infection. Perhaps book a review with your asthma nurse to see if you're on the right regime to get better as quickly as you can.


Thanks for the advice. I managed to get doctors appointment today and I come away with another course of antibiotics as chest infection is still there. and to take extra fostair and rest.


Ask for a referral to a respiratory physician! Xx


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