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Morning all, had a quick burst of prednisone ( 7 days) was off them for 2 days and had to back on them again this time for longer 40mg for 3 days reducing by 5mg every 3 days I'm now down to 10mg I finish them on the 24th πŸ‘πŸ»But while I was on the higher dose apart from little or no sleep I was ok, but since I've started with the lower does I'm getting a the shakes, is this normal thanks in advance

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Yep it is. There's a reason why they call them the devils pills! It's great for a while and you feel so much better but then comes the withdrawal which is awful. I don't shake so much as just feel very low and have zero energy and just want to stay in bed. The side effects won't last very long thank goodness.


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