I don't want this anymore

I've been struggling with my asthma for a while now and I have specialist and I been to doctors about a cough I've had for about 2 weeks my chest was fine apparently but I keep getting problems my meds keep getting changed they will help for a couple of days but then I'd go downhill again I've just had enough now

I just want to be able to wake up in the morning and be able to breathe because atm I'm waking up every morning breathless and coughing

I've had enough of uncontrolled asthma

Has anyone ever felt like this if so how do you cope??

Thx in advance x

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  • I think we have all thought it at times, but unfortunately we have to make the best of it. We are here to support each other, so please keep posting.take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Thx you I'm just going through a rough patch ATM

    I can't remember the last time I was able to wake up and be able to breathe

    It was back in January I think I was able to but i just got a point where I've had enough so I needed to tell someone I guess and I knew that this would be the best place because someone will understand

  • We have all been there so we can understand. Whenever you start feeling a bit low there is always someone here to listen to you, you are never on your own. You take care and please remember what I have said.😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Erin you have been a true friend to me these last few weeks all i can say is it will get better i had dark days but you helped im here for you like you was for me hun xx

  • Thx same goes for you

    You've really been there for me and listened to me moan for the last couple weeks which has helped having someone understands me

    Thank you so much I would of struggled way back if it weren't for you

  • My pleasure for such a young person your doing fab xx

  • We have all been there at some time, things will improve.

    Try to stay positive.

  • Yes I understand, think most of us do on this site. We have all been there. Some days are better than others as no doubt you know. Keep posting.

  • Awwww stay strong Erin hope your feeling better soon Hun x

  • I'm in the same place and would literally try anything at the moment to get things under control. I just keep going as have young kids and people on here say it gets better so I try to focus on that. Take care x

  • Thank you everyone for all the nice supporting messages this site has really helped me and I like helping you guys too

    A special thx to Hay1234 who has been there for me the most

  • Hi Erin001 sorry to here you had a tough time of late. I hope and pray that your asthma improves. Know that we are here for you. God bless

  • Thx you I hope so to I'm now on 40mg of prednisolone so hopefully it improves my breathing

  • I have had to use prednisone for treating after having an asthma attack. I take 40 mg for 7 days as per my asthma plan. It

    really does work. The idea of this medication is a high dose steroids which dampers down the inflammation and let's your body recover.

  • Yeh I know I have had it so many times before

  • No wonder you are so feed up. My comments were to help you but I can see that you have done this so many times so what I said didn't really help at all.

    I hope and pray that this time your asthma calms down after this course of steroids. Then with the help of your doctors and asthma nurse find medication that control your asthma with no or little smytoms.

  • I sometimes think we forget how amazing we are we get up struggling to breathe and feeling like πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ but we just carry on. . we are more special than unicorns and chocolate combined 😘

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