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I have a wonderful asthma nurse at my local hospital, I see him monthly for my xolair injections I went this morning and he told me it will be the last time I see him, he is emigrating. I am so upset he has assured me that his co worker will care just as he has but he knows my difficult asthma so well and he has always been on the end of the phone should I need him. I wished him well with his journey and really hope he has a wonderful time. .. but I'm really gutted to be loosing him.

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I am sure you will be ok, and his co worker will be just as good and understanding. Let us know how you get on take care.😊 xxx Bernadette


I'm sure too, it's just the first time in ages I have had someone who understands my asthma


I felt the same after my community matron said she was leaving and going to work somewhere else, but I now have a lovely matron called who understands not only my condition, but how I am feeling. So you will be fine, give this co worker a chance. You may well B surprised.😊 xx

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No, that happen to me about a year ago I have a lovely Asthma nurse Know give them a go, you my find they are great like mine is.x


My asthma nurse that I'd had for years (and years) left and I still miss her. I felt that she really understood my asthma and she was very very supportive. I have a lovely new asthma nurse. She doesn't know me yet the way my other one did, but it is early days. She is a very positive person and I'm sure it will all work out.

Hope it all works out for you 😊 xxx


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