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Hello my name is shannon and I'm 19 I've had asthma since I was small due to mould well anyway since growing up I've never actually thought that Ive struggled and if I'm onset not used my inhaler,but can't it go? But the other month I got tightness in chest hadnpeople out and they didn't think it was my asthma,now I've got a stinking cold and got it again,I've got blue inhaler I just don't no how to use,I keep looking online and worrying myself I've got real bad health anxiety please someone help😭😭 is this bad


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  • Please don't worry it's not bad, you will be fine. When you get breathless use your blue inhaler. Please keep posting to let us know how you are. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Try not to worry Shannon try and use your inhaler with a spacer Hun it's much easier and you get all of your medicine good luck

  • Anxiety will not help. Read the instructions with your inhaler and if your beginning to panic sit quietly and breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Slowly. I'm sure you will be fine, panic attacks are horrible I'm on medication now because of them which I'm cutting down on I thought I was having a bad attack once and it turned out that yes I was wheezy but the majority of it was a panicky attack. Talk to your GP or asthma nurse at your surgery. If your really worried then call 111 and get advise. There are also asthma nurses on here you can talk to. Don't let the anxiety beat you

  • I spoke to my nurse today and she was asking questions and stuff because I went doctors the other day as well😔 I just can't stop looking online thinking the worse like I've said I actually think I've been doing pretty well like I never really get out of breath or stuff really

  • Your blue Inhaler is a "reliever" and can be used quite a lot (but shouldn't be normally just during a flare up and occasionally when your ok) so my advice if you think your chest is tight and your not sure it's probably ok to take it

  • Do your meant to use even if you think your okay..so I'm doing it totally wrong😭

  • Hi Shannon. How are you doing? I hope you are feeling better. If you have an update, I'd be happy to listen. :)

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