Eating and asthma difficulty

Does anyone else find that there asthma gets worse after eating while in a flare? Does not happen all the time only when it seems that I'm having a really hard time with asthma in general. I have mentioned to doctors but they always shrug their shoulders or act like not related.

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  • Difficult to say. I can find eating very tiring, so it might be that. Try eating little and often.


    I mentioned chest pains to my doctor a while ago, but as a non-native speaker I find it difficult to describe it properly. She suggested I might be suffering from heartburn, but after some research on it I concluded that wasn't my problem. But maybe it's something to look at for you? There seems to be a connection to Asthma, and if you can treat one and improve both it might be worth a shot. The treatment for this is mainly dietary, so could be worth trying out for a month or so :)

  • I am going to try. I do feel there is a connection. Thank you for your help. It means a lot. Been hopeless.

  • Best of luck! I hope your condition improves :)

  • Yes, same for me but only when i'm having a flare up. Perhaps you need a bit more help with regular inhalers? A bit stronger main inhaler? I find I sometimes have to ask for specific help, like 'how can you help me with my eating problem?' rather than just discussing asthma control in general. Just an idea. Hope it works out better for you.

  • Thanks! I am trying new inhaler for me symbicort now. I really hope it does the trick. I am so hopeless. I really need to get more control especially since summer my worst time is right around the corner. Like you said eating can be fine then when my asthma is bad things like eating and sleeping become a big struggle. Thanks again!

  • Hope things settle better for you. Next to not being able to breathe, not being able to eat or talk properly are so worrying and both need urgent attention from your GP/medics. Best of luck!

  • I think it might be because when you eat your stomach enlarges and encroaches into some of the space your lungs want to expand into when you breath in.

    Also digesting the food may use up oxygen so you need to oxygenate you blood a bit more this puts a small strain on breathing.

  • Makes sense. Thank you. You guys are more helpful than any doctor I have been to.

  • Thank you so much. Makes sense. I guess we all have to keep trying until we find what helps us the most. I am very down right now as it feels I have been struggling forever. Talking to you has helped just to know someone else understands.

  • Hi Wings123, you could try having plenty of salad including especially watercress which provides more oxygen, & other green things like romaine lettuce & chopped celery & rocket as well as other lettuce, cucumber, avocado (very good)& tomato. Buy organic whenever you can afford it. When i am feeling particularly bad i have this with a little protein like a piece of chicken or a couple of boiled eggs a couple of times a day & leave out the carbs like bread, potatoes & rice. I make a nice dressing with 1-2 TSPs honey, crushed garlic, 1tbsp lemon juice & 1 TSP cloudy apple cider vinegar mixed with a little virgin olive oil sea salt & freshly ground black pepper(adjust quantities to your own taste). This keeps well in a jam jar in the fridge for a few days if you make larger quantity. This usually bucks me up & of course supplies plenty of vitamins & more fluid which helps the lungs. Increase your water intake if you do nothing else. All the best hope this helps 😃

  • Thank you! I did feel better when I cut out carbs sugar and dairy. I will follow this again as I am desperate to feel well. The dressing sounds great! I will give a try this week.

  • Cutting the dairy certainly helps, but it may not be advisable to cut carbs out altogether, but reduce them when you are finding it difficult, but still have portions of nice fresh fruit which are also carbs. I often have organic almond or coconut milk with organic porridge with some local honey but if I'm struggling my 1st meal of the day is fruit. However i start each day with squeezed lemon with an inch of squeezed fresh ginger 3tsps of cloudy apple cider vinegar & sweetened with organic honey. Alternately a combination of the lemon juice & ginger mixed with grated fresh turmeric & a good pinch of freshly ground black pepper in a pint of warm boiled water. Many people have found Turmeric is excellent for the lungs. Wait at least 30 mins before eating. One more tip I learnt was a good pinch of Himalayan sea salt mixed with a TSP of organic(local if possible) honey before bed taken in a little cooled water to help relieve asthma. I also have a salt pipe. Basically it's a big learning curve adventure & learning what suits you personally. There's so much support, experience & info on here from some lovely people, Just don't give up😃

  • As others have said .... little and often seems to be best for me also ... avoid fatty foods too, have you been tested for reflux as this can contribute to symptoms also .... I take lansoprazole which has helped

  • Thank you so much! I am starting some omeprazole today. I think reflux has gotten worse with the inhalers.

  • Eating makes my asthma symptoms worse or causes flare ups. After loads of unpredictable reactions to food I tried cutting out sulfites and that has helped a lot. I also take ranitidine and omeprazole. I still get random reactions to food, but less often.

    I hope you find a way to make eating easier for you xxx

  • Thanks for the reply. I am going to also start an elimination diet this week. I did feel a bit better last year when I cut out sugar and dairy and carbs. Sulfites are a good suggestion as I know they are troublesome to many.

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