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Lung function in my 16 yr Old is 28%

Hi I'm new here but wanted to ask if anyone can help me. My asthmatic daughter has been feeling ok but had an appt with a new consultant today. Her lung function was 28% and so she has been put on new mess and they are doing an adrenal function test. I was so worried about the lung function, I didn't really ask what the adrenal function test was for. Also they have now said her last blood test shows abnormal blood clotting and various allergies. I lost my mother to COPD recently and wondered if a lung function this low means she could have COPD too? I'm so worried and would appreciate some advice. Thanks. Cathie

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I know it's easier said then done,but please try not to worry. The doctors will sort things out your daughter will be fine. I can understand you being worried it's natural, but you will all be ok. Keep in touch and let us know how she is. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette


Hi hun i lost my dad to copd so i know how you must be feeling its terrifying isnt it. Have you spoke to doctors about your concerns

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Next time you see a doctor, whether it is a consultant or your GP, take a list of the questions you want to ask. It may help to take a close friend or relative with you as if you are really worried about something, you can't always remember what the doctor said, and that friend can help.

Your daughter is in the system now, and treatments advance all the time, so there is a very good chance she will be fine. Reassure her if she needs it - and she is ok at the moment - and you might be reassuring yourself at the same time!

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