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Hi everyone. I had this bad cold & cough at Christmas that was doing the rounds & has taken ages to get rid of but now started with pollen affecting my asthma aspecially at night, absolutely fine during the day but soon as bedtime comes & 5 mins into trying to sleep i get the irritation little wheeze & rattle that seems to be in my throat. I am on seritide & salbutamol but it appears my asthma is out of control at night time. Any help from you good people on here will be greatly appreciated, like i said its only on a night time, I just seem to bung up completely, nose aswell 😎

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  • Hi hope your ok have you tried montelukast tabs I find there very good for my asthma and good for allergies I just take one before bed hope this helps

  • Have you tried anti histamines?

  • I'd go back to the doctors and get a prescription. My asthma is made a lot worst by allergies. I'm only daily montelukaust and anti heistamines. As well as my inhalers. It helps!

    I know how you feel, my asthma goes haywire at night. My doctors have finally changed my inhaler to Fostair, it seemed to be doing the job until I got a cold :(

    Hope it gets sorted!

  • My asthma nurse has mentioned changing me to fostair from symbicort . What we're you on before the change?

  • Sorry for really late reply, I was on clenil 200

  • Hi. Here I am up with another cold. It's been one thing after another since before Christmas. I think it's been a bad few months for many if us. Definately ask for montelucast. I take one every night and notice the difference if I run out. I'm going to start my antihistamines again too. Pollen can affect you from cut flowers in the house. Keep away from the plug in air fresheners and some perfumes too. Good luck. It's all about finding out what triggers it for you.take care x

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