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Lung scarring help :(

Hi everyone :)

I'm waiting for good/bad news and naturally, very stressed.

The story started about 10 months ago, I got bronchitis then puemonia, then bronchitis again. It never seemed to go really. I went to see a specialist, who was very thorough.

all my tests comas back surprisingly normal. My scans are the problem.

Initially there was very mild scarring on base of both lungs with opacities. Doctor dismissed it due to infections.

However, my hrcts ever since have shown that the scarring hasn't changed, although my last one showed a very 'slight' improvement.

The radiologists have suggested 'nsip' (lung disease - no cure) as a reason the scarring hasn't improved, because it is disease.

On positive is that the scarring hasn't got worse in 9 months.

Specialist has sent my case for expert medical review, so far I've been waiting 5 weeks and still not heard back. She was going to do a biospsy if I wasn't improving, but since Christmas I was abit better ( although have an infection now) so she held off due to the risks.

It's so frustrating, and living on a knives edge,

They basis of them thinking it's disease is because scans haven't shown much improvement in 10 months, yet I've had an infection every few Months how can my lungs clear when this happens??

These infections also triggered adult asthma, which I'm still trying to control. ( seretide very helpful)

Oh, and my lung function tests show I have 4litre capacity but only using 3litres.

Does anyone have experience of this or can offer advice on lung scarring?

My scan reports reads ' the abnormality comprises of peripheral ground glass attenuation and mild reticulation. No consolidation.

Thanks so much ;)

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I have no idea what the ground glass findings mean, but I do know that frequent asthma attacks scar your lungs and like most scar tissue, it doesn't change. Sometimes the more the medics tell us about ourselves, the more confused we become, so perhaps just concentrating on how you cope with life is the key. If you get rid of an infection and you feel better, be glad and enjoy life. You are getting your asthma under control - good thing - and you are getting specialist help - good thing - and for some of the time, you are fine! Focus on the good things. All this medical stuff takes time, so don't fret your time away. Asthma and stress are closely linked. A stressed person may be more prone to infection, so break the circle. Have fun. :)

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