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hi everyone this is my first time on her I have asthma and recently iv had a very bad cought mainly at night went to the doctors and said not getting enought steroids but my Brown inhaler I take 2 puffs in the morning and 2 puffs at night and a blue one for wheezing does anyone no what else this could be thanks

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Hi, sorry have no idea, hopefully someone will come along soon that can help you. Please let us know how you get on😊 xxx Bernadette

thanks will do

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Hi the cough could be a viral infection or maybe you need a different preventer inhaler

Hope you get better soon

Don't stress about it


I found once I gave my bedroom a very thorough vacuum my nightly wheezing improved. You might also want to try seretide. I'm about to post a video on my experience on using seretide on YouTube.

And not just hoovering round the bedroom. Hoovering under the bed is very important and if you have a headboard to your bed check that dust hasn't settled on it - particularly on the back. I've been caught out by that last one in the past. Just because a headboard is vertical doesn't mean dust won't settle on it.

I always sleep with my bedroom window cracked open if it is shut i wake about 2 and have to open hope this helps.😘

I think you should speak to your doctor, I too sleep with my window open. Also anti allergy bedding, duvet, mattress cover and pillows. Don't spray anything in your bedroom and wash your linen on hot to kill dust mites. This was the advise my nurse gave me. Hope your better soon x


Air your room out every morning by opening the window/s, throwing back the bedclothes, humping up pillows to form an arch so air can circulate all round them. If you can, leave the window open for at least an hour, but even half an hour is better than nothing.

thank you i ll try it

You may have allergies that are causing issues too. Please go see a specialist either way so they can get you under a good treatment.... I just went through a very terrible experience because my asthma wasn't under control and it ended up being from allergies that I needed separate meds for. Best of luck.

Keep a finger of raw garlic in your mouth each night and check if it brings you any relief it worked for me

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