Allergies and worsening asthma

So since being discharged from hospital I've done everything they've told me. I've tested taken my salbutamol inhaler regularly. But since decreasing my prednisolone my peak flows have dropped to about 70-80%. I saw the respiratory nurse yesterday for my allergy testing I came up positive for quite a few. She also increased my sirdupla inhaler and told me not to go down on the prednisolone today. I'm so fed up with feeling like this! I can't walk anywhere I'm constantly breathless and wheezing. I'm hoping I'll be able to get to see the gp this afternoon. Hope everyone is feeling okay! Xx

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  • My allergies are bad so my GP put me on two Cetirizine a day (one in the morning and one at night). This seems to help. Make sure your GP finds some way of controlling your allergies.

  • I'm waiting for 2 so I can try and see a gp. I'm feeling so rubbish to point I can't eat now

  • Hope the GP helps. Feel better soon! x

  • Sorry to hear you're struggling. Keep up the pressure on your GP/Medical team and they'll eventually (hopefully) find something that works for you. Sending healing thoughts and prayers and a virtual hug is offered if required. In the meantime keep yourself as safe and as well as possible xx

  • I've been admitted into hospital my breathing rate was 30, heart rate 120 peak flow 290. So having nebulisers now x

  • Oh Hun, I'm so sorry. Hang in there hopefully they can try something new out once you're under better control. Keep us in the loop xx

  • I hope and pray that you are better asap

  • Hi hun how are you getting on

  • Hey I had an okay night needed further nebs this morning though. Waiting to see the doctor this morning

  • Hope you improve soon xxx

  • Hope you feel better soon and they isolate your allergies I'm sure that will help you

  • How did u get on

  • Well I found out I was allergic to mould, tree and grass pollen, dog and cat dander. I've also been in hospital since Friday and only today just come off nebs but I'm not sure how long that will last though as I'm slowly going downhill. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't need one.

  • Hiya lucy there awkward allergys to have im not alergic but linx closes my throat so working in a public place is hard so i know where your coming from have your nebs if you need them theres no point rushing home and having to go back enjoy the rest how many nebs have u been having daily

  • I've been having salbutamol, atrovent and saline nebs 4 times a day. I'm now on 2 puffs of salbutamol 4 times a day. So well how my peak flows are soon. I don't feel to bad now I'm back in bed. But being in bed and going home to the baby is 2 completely different things. I do need to take my time but I just want my home comforts now

  • I know but you wont beable to rest with a baby hun xx

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