Dr changed my Medication to Fostair 100/6

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The last time I wrote on here I had been taking some antibiotics for a mild chest infection. The antibiotics helped with the increased doseage of Ventolin 5 puffs 4 times a day plus Symbicort 2 puffs morning and evening but I'd still not recovered properly and found walking upstairs made me really breathless.

Saw GP today and he's sending me for a chest XRay as he thinks he can still hear something.

Dr also changed me onto Fostair 100/6.

As a newbie with asthma problems I'm still learning and feel quite out of my depth but I'm seeing the asthma nurse tomorrow and the responses from this community help to reassure me enormously - thanks everyone 👍

I'm finding when I change from being inside my car to getting out in the cold starts me coughing; then I feel quite breathless - any tips really appreciated.

My lowest peak flow with the chest infection was 250 and it's now 310.

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  • Hi, you will find that going for a warm place into the cold or vice versa you will cough, but it's nothing to worry about. Listen to your nurse and gp and you will be fine. Hope you keep posting and joining in. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Thank you Bernadette 👍

  • About the only thing I've found that can alleviate the coughing due to temp changes is to wrap a scarf around throat and mouth (loosely). It won't stop it all but it should help reduce the effects.

  • Thanks for your tip 👍Much appreciated

  • I was going to stay the same as Operanut72 a scarf I use mine most of the year.

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