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I'm new to Health Unlocked but though it was best to share my asthma story to get other opinions.

I have only had asthma for the past 2 years (I am 24) and have been told if you get asthma as an adult you're stuck with it for the rest of your life. Since I was diagnosed with asthma, I have been on 4 different inhalers. I first started on a powder inhaler which I really disliked, so I changed to a MDI gas inhaler. I have tried fostair as a preventer but it was making my hands tremble and the nurse said it was too strong for my body, however it was helping me to breathe better. I went back to the nurse with the trembles and she put me on Clenil 100mcg. This I tried for x4 weeks and it isn't strong enough, but no hand trembling with this one. I also started with a cough whilst on this inhaler and I take all of my inhalers through a spacer - I felt like this one took my breath away when I inhaled. I have recently been prescribed with a new inhaler which I have not yet tried, however I am testing this for x2 weeks to see whether this one is strong enough and does not make my hands tremble. The nurse said I am on my way to being a 'brittle asthmatic' which means that they don't know what to prescribe you for your asthma!

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Hi Jessbear

Welcome to the site. It can sometimes take a while to find the right combination of meds to control asthma but that doesn't mean your asthma is brittle, unfortunatley the term 'brittle' is used alot by docs etc when really a consultant needs to make a diagnosis of britttle asthma, it is a very severe and rare form of asthma.

It might just be the case that at the moment your asthma is difficult to control and once you are on the right combination of treatments your symptoms will settle down.

What meds are you taking at the moment? sometimes it can take several days or weeks for some of the inhalers and or tablets to fully kick in.


Jessbear17 in reply to lejaya


They have just moved me onto Sirdupla which I took last night for the first time and really didn't feel good. My heart was racing, my whole body started to shake and I felt sick. I'm going to call my pharmacist today and question it with them

Hi Jess, so many similarities to myself I am also 24 and even though I have had asthma since being a kid, my asthma only became an issue two years ago and hasn't resolved since gradually getting worse over time and increased treatments. I also have tried lots of different inhalers & tablets - Symbicort, Fostair, Seretide, Respimat & Montelukast, Avamys over the last two years and still feel as lost and confused as I did two years ago when it all started to get worse. I also have been told my asthma is brittle so I know how it feels. Its good to know Im not the only one out there suffering with this problem so I wanted to let you know Im the same boat. All the best hope you find something that works for you !

Hi thanks for that

You've also made me feel better! It is quite annoying that I can't find something that works right for me! Hopefully I'll get there eventually

my asthma has been severe for years and I've tried all sorts of different treatments I take ventolin, symbicort, montelukast, phyllocontin, spiriva and pred when really bad.

it's taken ages to get some sort of control and I still get a lot of flare ups but I do have relatively symptom free times to

it can be very frustrating though but I hope you find some treatment that helps feel free to message me


Jessbear17 in reply to lejaya

Thank you that's kind. The doctor called me this morning and told me to stop using Sirdupla straight away and start using Clenil again just until they can get me an appointment on Monday!

I am 22 and have Severe Asthma (brittle type 1) so I fully understand the nightmare - just be prepared for being told steroids will ruin your bones being so young! Your age seems to hold significance! It sucks - but we get through it!

So the update now is that I am going into the surgery next week to have a spirometry test to see if I have COPD and to rule out any lung diseases. Then they're going to decide what to do!

My asthma is difficult to control - prednisilone gives some comfort but is not a long term option.

Stress is the biggest factor with me - I need to control my stress levels - which may mean a change of employment.

That's really interesting because I have quite a stressful job

My recent update is that I had a spirometry test and the doctors say I'm an asthmatic on paper but my test results show differently. They are going to speak with a lung specialist and then decide what to do with me. They said I may have to have a chest x-ray and an ecg. Every inhaler I take just does not agree with me and I wonder whether it's because I don't actually have asthma?!

Hi Jess how have you been getting on with your asthma. Did you finally sort it out. Thanks

I am new to this site I have had asthma for seven years but the PST 12 months have been a nightmare I have had 8 admissions to hospital in twelve months four resulting in critical care I am currently on flixotide 500 seteride 500 accuhalers spiriva and ventilin inhaler montelukast aminophyline carbocistiene I often wonder if all these medications make my asthma worse but if I miss a dose I am breathless people have said that I am on a lot of medication for my asthma and I find that when I have nebulisers in hospital I seemok yet the consultant will not let me have home nebs I find this so frustrating especially as she sometimes admits me from clinic just to have nebs seems pointless to me is anyone else on a lot of meds for there asthma x

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