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Air Purifiers Question


Has anyone tried having daily sessions of an hour or two with a high quality Air Purifier?

Curious as to where having daily sessions or an hour or two with one might - over time - provide some benefit - i.e. by giving my lungs a short break each day from allergen bombardment.

I know that Dyson sell one they claim captures something like 99% of allergens.

Thanks in advance for any reply / comment.

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I have the Dyson Air Purifier and find it brilliant.




I have a Vax mid range. Wouldn't be without it. After two months using it two hours each evening and another two hours from bedtime, my breathing greatly improved. I had a bad spell for a month before Christmas so willing to try anything. Also use if a known trigger appears, such as perfumes, burning cooking, etc. Early days but I'm feeling very hopeful.




I borrowed one from a family member I felt as if it was pulling my lungs out even though it was on the other side of the room so I stuck to my salt lamp try one out first if you can to see if you are ok with it or consult your doc or asthma nurse for advice .


Good idea. Alas, I dont know anyone I could borrow one from but I might be able to hire one to see if it works for me.


I use mine in my bedroom. If you are not too sure if you like it you can use it in your bedroom when you are not there. Perhaps 2 hours before you go to bed as it will clear the air of any dust etc., which is needed for good clean air when you sleep.

I would not be without mine and have been able to sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. Before that I slept badly and wheezed all night also woke up with a blocked nose.

I bought one for my grandson as he suffers from asthma as well.

Good luck,



That's very useful to know. Appreciated.


I got a vax hepa filter... I'm pretty sure it helps. Cost about £80.


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