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Advice on alarm/line for home?

Hi, I'm gemma I'm 32 and suffered with brittle asthma my whole life, you name it I have had it, seen all the specialist over the country and in and out if itu, ventilated multiple times. Very sadly I have had to end my nursing career following my latest admission lasting 3 weeks.

I have my own flat (literally after 8 years) been waiting to live independently but had to stay with my parents because of my health being so unsettled. I desperately want to go back to my flat when I'm discharged home in a few days- i was only living there for two weeks prior to asthma kicking of again.

I have been adviced to get a call/alarm system installed as my attacks come on very quickly and within mins I can't talk. There are so many option on line and I was wondering If any of you guys could recommend a service that is more sutaible for our condition. I know lots are set up for falls risk patients. I need one if I'm to have an

Attack I alert family/medical team straight away. Lucking mum lives less than a minute away.

I would really appreciate any advice /support and sending much love to all you asthma sufferers it really can be a very debilitating, difficult condition to manage.

Gem xxx

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Hi gem hope you are feeling better soon can't really give you advice as am new to asthma myself I believe them salt caves r very good but expensive am gonna try them out myself soon good luck gem some one on here will give you good advice x


Ah thank you for just replying that's very thoughtful of you.

Just a little bit of advice for the salt caves and it's only based on my experience and I have exceptionally twitchy airways, bronchiecstatis as well .

I know there is lots of research on how good they are, but as your newly diagnosed I would just tred carefully with trying new things like the salt caves with starting your medications and letting your lungs adapt. It's very easy (in the same) to want to try everything in one go to get rid of the symptoms but you end up getting confused as to what's working and what's not......

It is very expensive and I thought they would be a real Benefit to me, but as after two sessions because the air is so clear I started coughing a lot causing bronchial spasm and setting my asthma atcually off..... maybe if you do it spread it out at first. Maybe one session a week/ I was advise 3/4 a week and it was to much. But I had to stop on the advice of my consultant who didn't recommend me using again. Such a shame because I'm all up for alternative therapy.

Just make sure you take your inhaler with you. You may be absolutely fine, and find benifit but I actually found it made me worse.

If you need any advice or support with you new diagnosis please message im happy to help.

Best wishes

Gem xx

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Thanks for advice gem x


Your local council may offer a scheme that you pay for every month. Mine is for falls, Cardiac Issues and asthma and costs me around £25 a month. It's definitely worth asking them and if they don't have their own maybe they can tell you who they recommend. Hope this helps.


Thank you so much, I have a multitude of other health problems too so I think I will give the council a ring today. I really appreciate you messaging me. I hope your well and stable

Gem xxx

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