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Astma getting worse

Hello ,

im only 21 but i have been an asmatic for as long as i can remember, I have possably tried every inhalor possable to help me but most inhalors make me worse

ie fostair i was taking in the morning and at night and i found with this inhalor after taking it i couldnt breath for a good few hours after

i am now on tablets and a powder inhalor with are both taken in the evening

Im just woundring if any body else who has astma has found that nothing works apart from the blue ventaling inhalor when there chest is tight

if any one has any tips and tricks to try and help my asmta id love to hear then

ps i have seen many doctors, nurces and im with a breathing clinic and being seen by a speaclist

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i have tried all inhalors possable now i am taking Montelukast at the moment and have been for 2 months now but still not seeing any improvment

i feel like nothing is working and nothing is being done but it stops me from doing so much

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I feel for you. I've had a asthma flare up for the last 3 weeks. I've been put on new inhalers, and it made me worse. I've just started to take Montelukast for first time today. I'm sorry to hear Montelukast doesn't or hasn't made a difference to your asthma.

Don't give up if you feel nothing is being done to help your asthma.

Q1. What has it stopped you doing which you did before?

The Venolin inhaler is always the faithful inhaler which works for me, unless my an asthma attack is too bad and then the Ventolin Inhaler doesn't work.

I haven't been able to do any exercise for 3 weeks...

It seems lots of other medicine i've been put on, i've had either allergic reaction to it, or had bad side effects of the medicine.

Q2. Have you had bad side effects of the medicine you've taken?


Have they tried theophylline tablets? Also adding a second inhaler such as spiriva on top of the preventer one you're on?

Relvar is the highest level preventer currently so my consultant tells me, I have that and spiriva and montelukast and theophylline and pred. They can give longer term steroids if needed so go make a fuss if you're struggling.


All of the above is very good advice, but if nothing is controlling your asthma, you should be getting further tests to find out your IGe levels (a blood test) also FeNo testing which is becoming more common, will tell your doctors if you are steroid resistant. (again a really simple breathing test). Also there may be an underlying cause that is making your asthma worse, such a low grade infection or your sinus's or Acid Reflux, all of these exacerbate asthma symtoms. And can be treated with antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors and inhaled nasal steroids. If you have very high IgE levels you may be eligible for some of the newer immunotherapy treatments. These are only prescribed by consultants at present. But if you are going to a specialist clinic they should know about them.

Hope this is helpful



You will get there. The beginning of the journey feels so far away from progress it can be daunting... I am 22 so a similar age! Nothing works for me either as my asthma is Severe Asthma (brittle type 1) so it is trial and error until something pops out.

My advice would be don't give up. Find an outlet for your frustrations with Asthma. If you can't go out with friends - bring your friends to you. Be open about your asthma as well. It helps them understand the condition. You will get there... one step at a time!

At least your blue inhaler works in exacerbation!


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