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Portable Nebuliser


I've had an Omron U22 Microair since last spring. It was great until November when it stopped working (so helpful!) Amazon kindly replaced it instantly and it's been working perfectly until today - electrode issue I suspect.

I'm not sure if they'll replace it again but, before I try and find out, does anyone have experience of other handheld nebulisers (not mains machines as I need one out and about).

I've seen the Innospire Go on Evergreen but it doesn't seem to be sold elsewhere so no idea what it's like.

Thanks for any help.

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Same thing . I think it is for special use. Too delicate. I now have a Philipps Respironics lighter than the old Pari boy but you have to plug it in.


Thank you.

I have an Omron C28-P for at home.

Hopefully, at some point, I won't need either - just a bit frustrating at the moment.


I used to have the Omron U22 Micro Air nebuliser and mine stopped working.

After researching portable nebulisers I went for the Pari nebuliser which I find superb.


Thanks - will have a look!


Lidl sell a sanitas model for thirty pounds that I find very robust and portable. I got through about 4 micro air models in a year they just can't handle regular use in my opinion.


Ah yes that's the one I started with a couple of years ago - was really impressed given its price. Was quite a job to get the bits lined up in the end (so wouldn't work properly) which is when I upgraded (in theory!)

There are various models nearer that available, but it's a job to know how good they are.


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