Sore throat

Hi I been having sore throat for 3 months I can hardly swallow and feel like throat closing in it really tight feeling like someone squeezing my throat sometimes Nealy choke but have drink to stop me eating makes it worst it dry might it be cancer as doctors said it not infection I got asthma when I sallow hurt feel like lump in throat

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  • Sambucol pastilles might help (with sore throat, not cancer I should add!), I think they're really good.

    Otherwise it sounds like another visit to the doc, groan, a blood test can help to show things. I have had various family and a friend all successfully treated for cancers (edit: benign and malign

    - not sure the right terminology!). the first step is to talk to a doctor.

  • Do u think it could be cancer as it getting worst

  • the lump could be either phlegm collecting in your throat or something else like a tumour that needs to be operated. it does not need to be cancer as it can be a benign tumour but I wonder what kind of Doctor you have that he has not yet sent you for an x-ray.

  • If it is a tumor could they just give me medication to get rid of it it so horrible throat really dry and can hardly swallow I can't go in hospital u see got cats

  • You said in post yesterday that you were seeing your doctor yesterday. I am sure that if he thought you had cancer he would have taken the correct steps and referred you. After reading your posts I feel that you are panicking , if you could calm down it would help you. There are a lot of very seriously ill people on this site with complex medical problems who just count their blessings that they are still here. Take a leaf out of there book and enjoy what you have. I hope I have not sounded too harsh all l want for you is to try to enjoy your life and not to worry so sending you gentle supportive hugs 😘

  • I told him got sore throat but because I told him load time not bothering no more as they fed up with me telling them they just keep saying u ant got throat infection

  • I've just had a similar experience For a couple of weeks ,sore throat and extremely dry mouth at night,no infection.It was oral thrush caused by my meds and inhaler and just being generally run down. I'm also going for bloods on Friday.

  • What did they do for your oral thrush how did u find out as mine I can hardly swallow I Nealy choke it that bad

  • I struggle by for a fortnight before I saw a doctor, she noticed I had a very coated tongue and prescribed some thing that taste like a peneciline you had as a child.I had to take it 4 times a day but it's done the job,the relief is immense. I now rince and spit after using my inhaler. Good luck.

  • Where I get that thing from that u got for your throat I having full blood count will that show up if I got throat cancer or not as when swallow I can feel lump in my throat now and when gulp it hurts Nealy choke with it gets so tight hardly swallow if I got vocal cord dysfunction do I have injection for that I got asthma

  • I am aware of some info that you need to check out. I have Asthma, COPD, PAD, and "others". I also had Lung Cancer and was very lucky and able to go through 1 surgery and remove the top Lobe in my right lung. I have been Cancer free since 2005. Now for what I have learned over the years, (I am 69). My Doctor suspected Aspiration, due to how I sounded and my comments to him that all the medication I take does not seem to help. I am in the middle of the two issues that may very well apply to your problem. Two months ago I had a Beryium swallow test to view the action of the valve that is supposed to close when you swallow food or water. Mine did not work so good, a surprise to me, mostly because I never feel anything and actually thought it was a waste of time. I found out that there is no medication or surgery to repair it but a relatively simple throat exercise to strengthen the weak valve. There is also a second issue in that area know as VCD - Vocal chord dysfunction. This is where the Vocal Chord does not "fold" properly at times and is reported to actually make you feel you like your throat is trying to close or it is actually closing. Which the later happened to me about a year ago. It actually closes when it should open and vice versa. This is getting too long so to close and I left a lot out so bear with me, I did not want to bore anyone. I am doing two different exercises one for the valve and one set for the VCD. I have another week or two and when my therapist thinks I am ready we plan to do another Beryium swallow test to view the weak valve. I was amazed that this is so hard to discover and often these issues are misdiagnosed as Asthma. I have argued with my Dr for a very long time that I do noy feel anything from my medication. I am taking Spiriva Respimate, Symbicort, rescue inhaler but the only thing I really "feel" anything is the Albuteral through my nebulizer. I will check back later for any follow up questions if you have them but check it out on line, it surprised me. I do feel a little better but I am not sure how long this takes so it is an ongoing exercise.

  • So do u think it cancer as I no I got asthma and can feel lump throat when gulping swallowing

  • No idea on that one, best left to a professional and appropriate testing. Good luck. The most important thing is to remain calm as possible in the interim. One of the Biggest problem is too many symptoms match way too many ailments. Just trust your Doctor.

  • My throat really bad and all doctors keep telling me is ant got throat infection yet it really hurts I can feel the lump in my throat when I swallow and gulp so they won't test me no more

  • If I got vocal cord dysfunction then is there a jab for it throat really hurt if I got throat cancer will it show up on white blood cells on my blood test

  • That was same with me took four years to diagnose vcd and gerd

  • It might be vocal cord dysfunction it has similar symptoms to asthma but with a sore throat, feels like your throats tight not your chest like asthma does I dont have the condition I just know someone who does

    Hope this helped

    Hope you feel better soon

  • What medication can get for that

  • I do not know I just know someone on the British lung foundation community on healthunlocked post what your posted here onto the British lung foundation one there are people there who have other lung problems who may know more than I do on it

    Good luck I hope u get answers soon 👍

  • Maybe ogd camera test would help. Doctors hav to refer u if they feel.u.need this test.

  • I not having camera down my throat

  • To diagnose vcd you have to have camera

  • Does it hurt camera down throat and is them symptoms cancer

  • No

  • I thought it does hurt do feel camera going down throat and them symptoms seem like throat cancer if have got throat cancer will it show up on full blood count

  • Yes it shows up not being funny but you do seem to be very worried about your health in general you need to try and relax abit

  • Yes I no i trying the blood test I'm having Monday is full blood count think as i said I feel tired all time so even no that blood test not for my throat it still show up then

  • Yes

  • What do they check on full blood count then what show up

  • Iron bllod cells etc

  • Could u tell me them all if u no and cancer as thought need different blood test for that if u dont mind me saying u nice to me not like some people on this site

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