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I have these horrible symptoms had them for 3 days and don't no what they are related to soumd like related to angina can someone help me I got doctors 6:20pm and was wondering if I show doctor my symptoms weather he send me for blood test these symptoms chest discomfort feeling pain in arms neck shoulder back feeling sick all time tired all time shortness of breath sweating dizziness heart pondering feel like going faster light headed weakness thanks

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I hope you have seen your GP by now and got some reassurance. Unfortunately, none of the people on this forum is medically qualified to help you - we can only tell you about our own experiences with asthma. Angina is totally different.

Get well soon.


In the absence of any obvious medical condition (which your GP will have assessed), this sounds a bit like the anxiety symptoms which I get - very generalised and unrelated, but very real all the same. Think I may have mentioned this before - definitely worth pursuing in the absence of anything clinical.


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