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I was put on Spiriva last September as an add on to Seretide 250 for asthma as my asthma isn't very controlled, I was wondering if anyone else has been put onto it and what effect it's had on other people, as all it seems to do is make me cough and wheeze all day every day and make my throat feel swollen. I had to get antibiotics from the GP twice in 6 months now, once before Xmas and again today and both times it seems I developed chest infection after taking Spiriva (I stopped taking it at Xmas and the cough went away.) I started taking it again a few weeks ago to see if the cough would start up again and sure enough it has! I never wheeze usually and it feels like it's the Spiriva that's causing this rather than helping my asthma.

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  • Hi there, I don't know what Spiriva is but it sounds like you are having serious issues with it. I would suggest talking to a medical professional about trying something else. Have you read the patient leaflet? You may find you are having known side-effects.

  • Hello I've been on this since last September and have to say for me it's worked well. My asthma wasn't under control and since this has been added on along with monkelast I've been really well. It might just not work for you unfortunately-perhaps go back to the GP and see if they can give you something else.

    Good luck ❤


  • Hi, I'm on spiriva too. It did in the beginning annoy my throat. Still does a little bit but other than that it really helped me. Talk to your asthma nurse or gp or ask the pharmacist. Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon.

  • I am also on Seretide and Spiriva (and Beconase). I am unable to give you any advise as I am not doing too well at the moment. Cold air, tree pollen and diesal set me off amongst other things. I had a CT scan recently which shows very mild bronchiectasis and I have an appointment with a GP who specialises in respiratory problems next Monday to discuss the results.

  • good luck with it

  • I had it as the GP thought I had COPD as well as asthma. Did nothing for my breathing so I decided to save the NHS some money and came off it.

  • I suffered dry throat, lost my voice, but persevered with the Spiriva for over 2 months, and suddenly those side effects went away. I have now been taking g it for 2 years now, and those side effects have not come back.

  • I am a brittle asthmatic and just been put on this to see if it does anything... well it has - I have never had exacerbations like it! I am so glad it is not just me! I don't think it will be hanging around for long - either that or I just need to get through the worst of it.

  • I've been on it for a year and a half. It pushed my peak flow up almost immediately, and has stopped my peak flow dropping as far when I have a cold. It used to drop down to between 260-300 with a bad cold, it now drops only as far as 350. I have also not needed steroids in all that time. I've found it very helpful and had no side effects. X

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