Hi everyone hope u all doing well, me been falling over again don't know what's wrong with me waiting to go to London hospital for the day on 7th march for tests and c nuroligist tonfind out what going on if my lungs let me came out of hospital on Wednesday and there starting to play up already but it's weird I don't know if anyone else gets it but at the moment it's like one minute i'm ok next I can't breath like someone has hit me in the chest and took my breath away it's horrible I can't work it out and comes on so quick it's frightening I had it in hospital as well and they don't know either but it's not nice well that's my rant hope everyone has a good night sleep I won't don't sleep well been led here now since 10 still awake tried everything need to get some sleeping tablets from doc well good night and stay safe everyone

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  • Oh you poor thing Tracey.

    I do hope your hospital appointment goes ok.

    Take very great care.

  • Thank u

  • Hope everything goes well on the 7 March and you get some answers as the not knowing is the worst. Look after yourself and get plenty of rest. Hopefully the falling over will go as quickly as it started xxx

  • Thanks yea ur right I just want some answers now x

  • Hope your appointment goes well and you get some answer. I have not had my Asthma come on that quickly since I sat on a bail of straw. My breathing is different every hour of the day though I think that is common to all Severe Asthmatics.

  • I truly hope you get some answers soon, and that it is easily treated. Good luck on the 7th.

  • You really are in the wars at the moment, I hope they get to the bottom of all this really quickly and that you get to go home soon. Take care.

  • Tracye, glad your home ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • Awwww hope your feeling better soon Tracey and good luck at ur hospital appointment big hugs x

  • Hope u feel better soon its so horrible

  • That's funnyl I was just wondering how you were and up popped your post hope your feeling better

  • Hi yea feelin a lot better than what I was the hydrocortisone worked better this time due again in April forbnext pot by then breathing will b bad again alleaysbis when it's due , off for a X-ray this morning as I keep falling over and done something to my back not sure if just pulled something or doc said I could of chipped a bone somewhere , butbgotbtongonlobdon in 7th march tonhave a tilt slide test and then to c the nuroligist but that might b a different date had a call yesterday from hospital hope u ok and doing well nice to hear from u take care .

  • Hi Tracey. How are you? Have not heard from you for a couple of weeks or so which is not like you as you normally keep in touch with us all. Hope everything is fine and you have had the results of all your tests. Let us know you are okay and have not had any more dizzy turns. Take care xxxx

  • Hi i'm doing very well thank u starting to feel bit chesty last few days but the pollen not helping now that coming out the May tree out that makes me bad so trying to stay good hope u all well not had tilt test yet as transport was late picking me up so there going to have it on 27th April when I in London again take care x

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