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Tachycardia 15p bpm from smoking

I had quit smoking cigarettes for a month, was diagnosed as non asthmatic and recently had a disturbing episode of elevated heart rate of 150 bpm and palpitations for 2 hours.

This was after taking just 4 puffs of a heart rate and palpitations went down after a few hours but I had lingering chest pain for a day...I am wondering if any of you have experienced such a severe increase in heart rate and pounding suffocating feeling for hours after minimal exposure to cigarette.

Obviously I am never going to smoke again and am super upset I did given I read sudden cardiac arrest is a possibility from smoking. No one knows what dose of cigarette induces this I guess

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There are lots of side effects that come when you first give up smoking, but don't worry, as the longer you are smoke free, the more likely you are to feel better. I imagine it's the same with most addictions. Stay strong & good luck!


Hi I've packed in 3 months now and the side effects were terrible depressed plus anxiety heart palpitations but feel great now good luck


I am 66 Gave up smoking 19+ years ago after trying dozens of times it is the best thing I have done, now I don't even dream of fags and I am fairly certain I would not be here now if I had not managed to give up when I did

Good luck to everyone who tries to stop smoking and it will help almost immediately. The false impression that it helps to smoke and you cannot stop is totally wrong. (besides if you smoke you smell)


I too had a disturbing episode of elevated heart rate of 150 bpm and palpitations for 4 hours fearing cardiac arrest i rushed to hospital .Diagnosed with tachycardia ,because of LVH ,left ventricular hypertropy bulging of heart ,so dont take it lightly ,have a CT angio done


if you dont get tachycardia then your heart is normal ,if you get tachycardia then , there is something is brewing inside your heart, better late then never,take precautions, it is a warning sign.I have no history of any disease , tachycardia purely because of S*****G

i dont want to even utter the word Smoking let alone actually smoking ,it disturbed my otherwise peacefull heart


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