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Hi, my normal reading on my peakflow meter is 400 but im down at 250 now and finding it a struggle to take deep breathes and getting light headed. I am curious to know what it is safe to drop down to before i need help as i am new to this asthma thing, i had it as a baby but it went away and i am now 20 and have been diagnosed about 1&1/2 months and im really struggling to know what to do ect.

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  • If you are struggling and with such a drop in peak flow readings I would say a visit to a A and E

  • I would say keep taking your reliever and a visit to A and E

  • If the reliever is not helping then it may be you are not using it correctly. Sorry to say a lot of people do not use it correctly. It might be an idea to use a spacer as it does help a lot of the time.

    When the breathing is becoming hard worth sitting on a dining chair and the leaning slightly forward (open the lungs up) Then take in as big a breath as you can hold nad breath out slowly. This should help and it can control panic breathing. I know I have been there and it is not nice.

    Be Well

  • It seems to be a general principal that if your Peak Flow drops 30% or more you should take that as a signal that you need to do something additional (like taking oral steroids for instance). If your Peak Flow drops by 50% you should be seeking professional help via emergency services or at least by contacting 111. If you are so breathless that taking Inhaled medicine is difficult then, as well as seeking help, you will probably find it easier to use a Spacer combined with inhaling from the Spacer in several gentle breaths rather than just a single inward big breath. I'd guess their are videos online if you're in any doubt what a Spacer is (or how to use one).

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