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Alternative to Clarithromycin?

Hello everyone. I'm new here and I wish you all well. I am struggling with not being able to sleep after my doctor has prescribed me Clarithromycin as well as Predisone. It's only been two nights but now it's the weekend so I have two more nights to go. Has anyone been prescribed a different antibiotic to this med? I know Wakefulness - as they call it - is a possible side effect and I'd love a decent night's sleep.

Thanks for any information.

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Some good info. here:-


I recently had doxycycline instead but I think it is probably the pred keeping you awake at night rather than the antibiotics.

Hope you soon feel better.


Hello Lilliane

Antibiotics keep me awake too but prednisone is worse..I asked the doctor for a sleeping tablet in the end everytime I had those, I tried camomile tea and homeopathic medicine etc nothing did it..

Take care x


H Lilliane,

It's not the antibiotics, it'll be the prednisone. Those dam steroids have the same effect on me, can't sleep. So now or should I say if and when I feel I need to take steroids I also ask the doctor for a few zopiclone 7.5 mg and they do the job splendidly......zzzzzzzz :)



Many thanks for the very helpful replies. Zopiclone here I come Steff!

All the best to you all.


You need to take sterods as early as u can if you take after 11 its hard to sleep


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