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More pred?

Hi all, had chest infection 3 weeks ago, antibiotics and 30mg pred for 7 days. All was will until yesterday when started feelibg tight and coughing. Today i have coughed until i was sick so have started the pred again, question is i took it at 4pm, would you tske the next dose in the morning or leave it until later in the day, i know ill be awake all night!

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Hi. I would take them in the morning. When I was on them the pharmacist advised me to do that. Like you said you probably be awake all night.

Hopefully you'll feel better soon.


Thanks Andy, I'll take your advice 👍

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I was originally prescribed 30mg per day for 5 Days and - since then - have had courses that last up to 14 Days. However, 40mg per day now seems to be an often prescribed Pred burst dose. Even though it's said that you don't need to taper off unless you have Pred for periods longer than 10 Days I think that going from even 30mg to 0 after just a week might sometimes be difficult to cope with if your breathing is still poor, and that gradually reducing your dose may have benefits in such circumstances.


Hi Matman, had to go to out of hour Dr's today, just wasn't getting any better. No infection, just asthma. Prescribed 40mg pred as you said....i hope they started working soon. Thanks for the advice 👍


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