Chest pains without wheeze


I am a long term asthmatic, diagnosed as a baby /toddler - I've always been very wheezy although the past 10 months I've been in and out of hospital - I get wheezy when I walk but when I'm sat still and being nebulised I don't wheeze at all but I have the most awful chest pains when I try to take a normal breathe - my stats are fine - anywhere between 93-98 ? Anyone had this before?

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  • Hi Rozy if you have bad chest pains you need to get to a doctor asap. No point in enduring it all. May be A&E or a walk-centre this week-end.

    Hope you will feel better soonx

  • After having bad chest infections and Asthma attacks, my back complains. The medical people say it is the muscles reacting to the extra work we have made them do. Taking a normal pain killer such as paracetamol should help. If at all worried, or it gets worse, go and see your GP. I too have had lifelong Asthma and am ok when sat still, but get out of breath very easily. The Respiratory Consultant says that in Severe Asthmatics the lungs become fixed, which is why it falls under the Umbrella of COPD

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