So I went to an urgent care center on saturday and was given nebs, pred and clarithromycin so it turns out I was right and I do have a chest infection. The doc I saw was lovely and was happy for me to taper pred and even gave me another tapeing course as I also have bad laryngitis.

I would like to thank everyone who gave very helpful replys, and also add that I do not do sputum samples it is mostly due to personal choice so please if I post on here again please dont mention this also my consultant prescribed my pred tapering dose so please no pred bashing either I am fully aware of the effects it can have.

Much appreciated


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  • Glad you got to the bottom of it, sometimes I think we know our bodies best and if you thought you had a chest infection someone should have listened to you.Take care.x

  • Hi Iejaya

    that's great things worked out for you I'm happy for it know everyone is trying to help each other here by advise it's the best anyone can do or give as you said about your sputum it's a part of treatment should put it on first so people know not after it anyway good you made it clear next time even if you ask someone might not be willing to advise ladtley if you so hate it what do you do when it comes to your mouth there is a say beggars can't be choosers it's like we got health problems our like doing things are limited bye

  • And i beleive life is about free will and freedom of choice, my life my choice

  • I'm happy for your choice and as for your life you can see where you are by makeing your choices I don't need to say anything or anyone else latez

  • Good for you - you know your body and what works for you. Good luck and feel better soon

  • Glad you got good medical care, hope you feel better soon x

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