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Hi all. I've been changed to fostair from qvar I've got to take 2 puffs am and 2 puffs pm plus I can take up to 4 extra puffs when i have symptoms, I assume thats the symptoms I get when normally I'd take sabutamol. In the next breath it says dont use in place of your reliever. When I picked up my new inhaler i asked pharmacist but didnt give a sensible answer. Anyone else take fostair this way that can advice me? Also I have another chesty cough with reduced peak flow. which I use the reliver to help does this now mean i can have extra fostair instead? many thanks so anyone that can help.

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  • Most asthma plans involving long lasting mixed reliever/preventer inhalers alllw for two doses of Salbutamol or similar and then if still symptomatic then taking two puffs of the long laster. Also when I have a cold/chest infection I can double my serevent to four times a day.

    Hope that makes sense, if not someone more able will be along to try and help.

  • I have been told the same. I am on symbicort and the nurse said if I have a cold or feel extra breathless to double the dose for the time being. It's also ok to use your reliever more.

    I would check with your nurse to be on the safe side. x

  • Hi I take fostair and mine is 2 puffs am and 2 puffs pm

  • Thanks alot for the advice. Makes more sense now.

  • I am on Fostair 200 and take 2 puffs morning and night. When my asthma is under control I take one puff morning and night which my doctor told me to do. This works for me.

  • Hi there I too am on fostair 200 2 puffs morning and night. At the moment I am needing my Ventolin more and wondered have you ever has the fostair 200 increased or is this the maximum dose? Thanks

  • I used to be on Fostair 100 which is quite a low dose and was increased to 200. I know when I need to increase it and know when my asthma is under control so I listen to my body. I never take any risks and will increase to two puffs when I think I need it. If you have an asthma nurse I would make an appointment with her to discuss it xx

  • Thank you have appointment on Monday but was just checking what might be possible. Thanks

  • I've been on Fostair for sometime now I also take 2 puffs in am then the same at pm helps me

  • Fostair 200/6 maximum dose is 2 puffs in morning 2puffs at night!! You can't take anymore than that. My consultant has added flixotide maximum dose to my regime because you can't up the fostair. If you are not controlled on it then maybe you need some add on therapy!

    If you are on 100/6 then you can take extra doses when you are symptomatic.

    If in doubt I'd really would check back with your doc or asthma nurse!!

    Keep well


  • Thanks vrchad. my fostair is 100/6 like you say I can have extra doses. I spoke to a nurse yesterday she says its called the mart regime. x

  • Thanks for this doctor increased dose of 200/6 to 3 puffs morning and night. I am concerned about this so think I am going to get a second opinion as info leaflet says maximum is 4 puffs a day. Doctor is adamant I can have up to 8 puffs! What a stress think it's making me worse now worrying I have taken too much.

  • My asthma consultant at hospital said the fostair 200/6 is a maximum of 4 puffs a day. The steroid part can be increased but the other part can't. This is why my consultant has added an extra steroid only inhaler (flixotide) to my regime! I would go back...see a different doc maybe!!

  • Thanks very much. I spoke to the asthma nurse as I had a bad night after taking the 6 puffs they had said. She said to go back to 4 puffs and is referring me to the hospital. Appreciate your reply.

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