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Itchy throat

Hi this week 5 out of 7 days I've got an itchy tickle throat feeling then sighing 30 seconds I am wheezing and raspy cough to the point I can't get any meds down. Once I can get my meds in and sit for a bit my breathing eases - still shallow and tight and my chest aches and I'm exhausted but the severity is gone. Is this normal? On antihistamine too in case allergic reaction but different to any allergies I've had before.

Thanks feeling overwhelmed

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Hi Nat

Something is not agreeing with you..I would make an appointment with your GP to get it checked, it has been lasting a while by the sound of it. I get itchy throat with some meds or food even..I have to take antihistamine and pred..the problem is always to find out what causes it ..some new med or food item or drink?

Best of luck Natx

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Thanks saw dr today he has changed my meds and put me on pred too. Very low peak flow reading. Getting aches in my legs last night and today like it's in my bones. I'm new to this always has super mild seasonal asthma but end November it intensified and ended up in ED - I do t seem to be improving.

I'll think if there has been any changes to my lifestyle that may be a trigger

Thank you

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ah I'm glad the doctor listened to you and changed your meds..low peak flow could be the key too, the pred will certainly help your breathing and your aches and pains..

I had aches in my legs and arms at night for a while..used to kill me..then it went..never knew which med it was really..March 1st I have the endocrinologist, cortisol was low so it could have been that..anyway it's the first time I have to go she said to put aside a whole hour..sounds like fun^^

Winter is difficult for most of us you know..cold weather and viruses..I hope you will feel better when the good days come..Switzerland is drier that's one thing but I still have my ups and downs despite leaving polluted London..

Well good luck with the new treatment x


I'm actually in summer here in Australia 😘

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