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Asthma attack - what happens at hospital


I was admitted last year following an asthma attack and they did was keep me in and give me nebulizers, steriod tablets and antibiotics. I recovered well, though it took quite a while. Yesterday, when I went into to see my GP, I have a chest infection and my asthma is worsening, she said she wanted me admitted to hospital. I refused because I have children and nobody to care for them. I was prescribed nebulizers, steriod tablets and antibiotics and allowed home so long as I go back in tomorrow and see her again. She wants me to have improved or else I have to be admitted. I am really struggling in between nebulizers, and I am quite short of breath though not like I was in her office, thank goodness for medicine. I suppose, as well as worrying about how to care for my children if I went in to hospital, I just wanted to ask, is there really anything more they can do for me? Surely, I am on the right treatment, so I just need to give it more time. I am not trying to ask for medical advice. Just peace of mind to have some idea of what can happen. If I am already doing everything, then I don't want to bother other people needlessly to care for my children. Thank you, and sorry for such a long post.

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About the only thing they can do in a hospital environment that can't be done at home is IV antibiotics and/or IV Prednisone. Worry won't help but again in your situation can't be avoided either. There are some regions that offer an at home service for vulnerable people, I wonder if it could be worth checking to see if they'll extend the service (if there is one) to you with the child care issues? Is got to be worth an ask, although I do stress these services are still in the embryonic stage so not all areas will have one and may have different parameters.

Hope it eases and you can get some sleep.

scared83 in reply to Operanut72

Thank you. I don't mean to not take the doctors advice seriously, if I am honest, I feel scared. My chest sounds like metal on metal when I try to exhale even a little bit deeply. But I have six children and that is such a lot to ask of other people.Most people won't even have a car big enough to fit them in. I feel bad to cause so much disruption and upheaval. Wish I could stubborn my way through this. :)

Operanut72 in reply to scared83

With six kids I'm sure you have the 'stubborn' for most situations but sometimes stubborn needs to take a short time out.

I understand where you're coming from, your kids are important but if it comes to it and you do need to be admitted I'm sure something can be worked out.

Hope you get some sleep as that's the best cure.

becky3344 in reply to scared83

Hi I do feel for you with your current situation and you feeling scared.

How have the last 3 days been, has there been any progress or improvement in your situation?

I'd go to hospital, if it were me tbh.

You can't treat yourself in exactly the same way at home.There's a wider range of medications available and better monitoring - you can't do an arterial blood gases test at home, for example.

I do sympathise with your situation, I have six children too. I know that it's very difficult to arrange child care.

I don't go near hospitals if I can prevent it. Having lost a sister in law and nearly losing my son to hospital infections I feel safer in my own environment. I go for check up (as little as I can get away with) and am lucky with a wonderful GP service. I would say that other than what you are doing at home you may (and I do stress the may) get a bit more rest in hospital dependent on rest of ward and how well you can sleep in those surroundings. God forbid you worsened to a state where you needed more intervention than you have at home they do say hospital is the best place. I really, really hope you have improved enough by the time you go back

Good replied and advice

If your infection is strong and lingering

You will need I V Treatment


But some community services of it at home

It would be good for you to be in hospital if you suddenly worsen, as can happen in asthma. This is what I was warned about last year when I was in hospital. I can understand your predicament, but surely there must be someone somewhere? Extended family? Friends? You managed it last time, somehow.

The difference is that in hospital they can provide you with IV medications if required and are able to treat you if you have a swift deterioration which in asthma is a real possibility.

I too didn't want to end up in hospital and turned my doctor down, but I did end up in hospital and was nearly on ITU because I became so poorly and was struggling so badly.

It could be that at the hospital the treatment they give you could make a swift difference. Not all asthma attacks required admission overnight but can require IV intervention, nebs, oxygen and monitoring for a few hours.

Whatever you decide please do be careful.


Hi not easy when you have kids..I don't know if you live alone, in which case the hospital social worker should organize temporary care for them. I know it is not ideal but you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of your kids when you come out. Good luck xx

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