Well that Sucks!!! [Rant]

After stating my asthma is under control most of the time, I've had to utilise my 'asthma plan' tonight (PEF 525). Typical I've a performance booked this weekend and I've spent months getting 'match fit'!

Hopefully by activating my plan now I will be recovered enough to perform on Saturday. Jeez I need to get a respectable job where I don't have to rely on being able to breath.

Hope you're all keeping as well as can be expected and you're not too symptomatic.

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  • I hope you recover soon

  • Thanks, just needed to get that off my chest...😉

  • I know this is probably going to be hard to do (the phrase 'easier said than done' will almost certainly spring to mind) but try not to stress too much; getting stressed really doesn't help asthma.

    Keeping fingers crossed that things calm down.

  • Thanks Maggie, I'm in rescue mode at the minute, seeing what pieces I can replace to sit in an easier range rather than the extended range prices I've been working on. I have weeks supply of ginger & Camomile teas at the ready along with lots of local honey. I will be proper stuffed if I ever become diabetic, lol.

    Thanks for the reminder about stress though.

  • Hope you feel better soon! x

  • Thanks Emma

  • I am so sorry. Best laids plans of mice and men... it is so unfair. I really hope you can perform and it lets you enjoy all your hard work.

  • Thanks scared83, I'm sure it'll calm down enough for me to do something, just won't be able to practise tomorrow or the next day so I'll just have to play it by ear. No one wants to hear 'che gelida manina' whilst the singers sounding like a leaky accordion 😉😭

  • Hope you feel much better by the weekend. Good luck 🍀 xxx

  • Thanks Emily x

  • Well that really does suck!! I really am ticked off, I've had to cancel my concert tonight as I'm too unwell to travel. I've got a full blown chest infection and I'm now on CoAmox and Pred. Joy and rapture. Oh well I've just got to late nature take its course.

    Hope you're all keeping well.

  • Disapointed for you that you had to cancel concert hope you get better soon

  • Sorry youve been ill how you feeling

  • Hi Hay1234,

    Thanks for your response

    I'm still pretty delicate, I'm know on an extended dose of antibiotics I'm on 50μg of Pred and I'm on complete voice rest due to the hacking. My GP thinks I may have pneumonia and I've got an X-ray planned for tomorrow. I was supposed to be in Germany this weekend and it's the third performance I've had to cancel.

    So feeling pretty glum about it, but hoping I've not got Pneumonia or I'll be having a hospital inpatient treatment. But it's better to be safe than sorry...

    How about you? How's things going your end?

  • This is gonna sound weird but have ypu tried gaviscon i get reflux which starts my vcd off and gaviscon stops me coughing as it coats throat also difflam which is a spray im sorry your missing out on everything i know how you feel i had to turn down really good job because i was ill hope you improve soon xx

  • Hi Hay,

    I'm already on PPI's due to an hiatus hernia and GRD so I'm fairly confident that that's covered. I'm coughing constantly and using ventolin and serevent like no ones business.

    I've had my X-ray this evening and it'll be reviewed at some point tomorrow. So I'm hoping it's not showing pneumonia or worse.

    As for the performances, I'm lucky because I have a good enough reputation when it comes to cancelling. Most of the commissioning agents I work with know I only cancel when I have no choice. But it is disappointing to not be doing what I love.

    Hope things are going well for you too xx

  • It depends how bad your hiatis hernia is thats what im having op for because its affecting my vcd

  • I hope you get good news keep me posted

  • Thanks Hun,

    I'll see what my Gastro team think when I have a follow up next month. It's worth double checking, I'm just back from a second X-ray as the first one I didn't smile enough for apparently.

    I'm feeling good but suspect that's the Pred.

    I'll let you know what the craic is when I get my results tomorrow.

    Keep safe and well yourself xx

  • And you babes xx

  • Well good news and bad news all mixed together.

    Just come back from seeing my Resp consultant he confirms no pneumonia, however, it's not far off. I've been given some stronger antibiotics to go with the coamox and he's increased my pred up to 75μg a day. He wants a repeat chest film on Monday, and he warned me I'll be admitted on Monday if my chest isn't significantly better. I'm also to attend A&E if my peak flow drops below 480. I'm kind of freaking out and trying to keep calm all the time.

    So please keep everything crossed and if you do pray, I could use some extras right now.

    In the meantime I'm on strict bed rest and warm fluids. It looks like I'm not working for the next six weeks. So I may as well enjoy it whilst I can.

    Hope all is well with you guys xx

  • Hi hope you get better soon here for you hun xx

  • Thanks Hun, you too xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear that Hay1234

  • Are u ok

  • Hi All,

    Sorry Ive been quiet I'm in hospital still after being diagnosed with pneumonia. I'm still on IV antibiotics and Pred. I'm hoping to finish my IV over the weekend and hope to be home this time next week. Where hopefully normal service will resume.

    Hope you're all okay and feeling well xx


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