Antibiotics Prescribed plus increase in medication

I saw the doctor today and she prescribed amoxicillin but has asked me to hold off on them till I've upped my ventolin to 5 puffs, 4 times a day to use with my aerochamber. I'm to also continue with symbicort - 2 puffs morning and night.

She's prescribed some more Prednisolone to keep in reserve if needed.

As I'm bringing up (sorry folks!) some yellow phlegm I really just want to get started on the antibiotics. I coughed so much yesterday and feel so tired after not having much sleep since Thursday night.

Information, responses greatly appreciated. Start antibiotics or wait???? That is the question ????

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  • Obviously it's a personal thing. However, I always have emergency antibiotics at home, if I have a virus I normally don't take antibiotics until 7 or eight days after it started, but I base the decision on if I started to feel better from the cold for a couple of days, but then suddenly start feeling unwell again with a fever.

    My GP is generally keen for me to start them sooner, I think mostly as I can get so sick. I do normally send him a text to let him know what I've done.

    As I've just been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, I am now taking Antibiotics at a low dose 3 days a week. Apparently getting an infection can cause the lung damage to get worse. I'm hoping to avoid anymore viruses in the near future.

    I do hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Personally I would take them. I've been on antibiotics since Friday and I still don't feel well. I'm so glad I took them when I did as I would have been so much worse! I hope you're feeling much better soon!

  • Thanks Lucy - will start them. I need to be well as I'm flying to Italy for a course in 4 weeks time !! 👍

  • Definitely make sure you're well then! Hope you start to feel better soon

  • Thanks Lucy - will let the forum know how I get on.

    This is such a helpful forum 👍

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