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My sisters asthma

Hi. I'm new here. My sister has had asthma since she was 3 years old. She is now 57 and her asthma is getting worse. Since November she has had 3 lots of steroid tablets and now she has been put on fostair inhaler. GP told her to take 2 puffs twice a day then respiratory nurse at hospital told her to take 3 puffs 3 times a day. Now gp is telling her that is too much. She also takes ventalin spray when she needs it and uniphyllin tablets. Any advice.

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go back to the gp and ask them to explain everything to youxxx


Thank you. My sister has been back to gp. He said she is taking too much as put her back on 2 puffs twice a day. She is really stressed because no one seems to be able to control it.


There is a protocol for G/P's to refer to a Respiratory specialist. If your sister is taking Unipyllin and Fostair at a high dose, and is still not controlled, she should have been referred to a specialist clinic. If you look up the Thoracic guidelines for Asthma it is quite clear.

In getting referred she needs to make sure it is a centre of excellence for Asthma, rather than just respiratory medicine at the local hospital. (the internet is brilliant for that). However in the first instance you won't be referred to a tertiary level centre. I would also say, that because consultants never read notes in my experience, before referral, it is worth her spending time to write a history of her asthma/Allergies since she was a child, also to keep a peak flow diary, and log of when things are worse and how much reliever she is using. How often she has had to take oral steroids in the last few years and how many courses of anti-biotics. All of this builds a picture, and if it is on one sheet of paper they read it. Sometimes when in front of the doctor it is very difficult to remember everything you want to say.

My consultant is really good, but alway phenomenally busy, so unless I write a list and agenda I never say everything I mean to.

Very good luck for your sister


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Aww hope yours sister is feeling better soon am on fostair 2 puffs morning and 2 puffs of a night


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