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Common fungus may raise asthma risk

The researchers identified several factors that might influence risk of developing asthma, such as exposure to antibiotics, having respiratory infections, and whether or not the infants were breastfed. Of the 29 infants in the high-risk asthma group, more than 50 percent had asthma by age 5

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That's very interesting, thanks.


The annoying thing is, I breastfed my daughter for nearly a year, and she still got asthma!! She is 19 now and still has it. I think it must be in the genes! I can trace asthma in my family back to the 1840's. My great, great grandmother, great grandmother and granny had it. My mother breastfed me, and I have it.



You beat me to it. I was going to post that I breast fed both my sons for a year after birth: the elder one didn't get asthma, the younger one did. Like you we know of other cases of asthma in the family - a great uncle of mine actually died of it - leading us all to think there is an inherited trait.


My mother breast fed me and I have asthma.

My Nan had chronic asthma it skipped a generation and came to me I also have chronic asthma.


My four were all breast fed and now all have asthma (I have quite tricky asthma). Mix of genes and luck maybe? Xxx


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