Hi is there anything else I can have like injection or something for my asthma as tried taking pumps through spacer not working just can't get hang of it and had asthma since 16 all my nurse keep telling me is take it this way I tried and I can't I been to my nurse load because of my asthma and think my body stop getting use to them I tried all time and feel sick lot throat really tight sore

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  • It sounds like you haven't been shown properly how to use it as it works for others. Why not take your inhalers and spacer into your pharmacist and ask them to show you? They will know. There are also lots of demos on YouTube.

    As far as I'm aware there are no injections for asthma.

  • I was on blue round pumps 200 and then 250 then changed me to purple 250 then put it to the Shape of Ventolin salbutomal pump and wasn't working so got put to relvra ellipta 92/22mcg yellow pump special pump still on blue Ventolin salbutomal pump how I no if my asthma not under control

  • Relvar Ellipta 92/22 isn't yellow and isn't even a pump. It is a powder inhaler.

    So tell me, how do you use a spacer?

  • The top lid yellow and thought it was a pump just dry powder pump I haven't used spacer in ages haven't used my pumps yet

  • It was blue, has it changed?

    You need to take your inhalers. Relvar Ellipta should not be stopped without advice from your gp.

    It contains a high dose of steriod that you shouldn't just stop.

    Go to your GP as soon as you can

  • I'm afraid it looks like answering the questions isn't helping, as the IP isn't either understanding the response or is wilfully being obtuse. There maybe no option to request admin to step in, if there is an admin/moderator team.

  • I don't no admin team

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  • Done figured it out after I put my post up.

  • Well done! x

  • I would go back to doctors/ asthma nurse. There are inhalers that you just breathe in and the dose is released or powder inhalers but they are different medications to the ones you take.

    I was told to use a spacer as every time I take the clenli inhaler, I gag. When using the spacer take deep breaths, push button and keep breathing.

    But speaks just to your doctor, see what they can advice. Be firm but within politeness, so they understand where you are coming from.

    hope it gets sorted!

  • What the inhalers called

  • I think you need advise from your doctor. You need a re-evaluation of your condition and the medications you are taking.

  • What u mean re evaluation mean

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