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Prevenar 13 injection

Good morning.

I had a review at the hospital last week. They wanted to speak with the consultant as I had blood tests and said something had come back low.

They rang me to say he would write to my GP to give me the prevenar 13 injection.

I didn't really ask questions but does this mean I'm more susceptible to chest infections and pneumonia?

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I believe it could be a precautionary measure. If you weren't vaccinated as a child then your markers could show low. Or you could be right and you are more susceptible, but then most of us with Lung disease are. Hope this helps, maybe someone with more detailed knowledge will be able to help.


No the opposite it prevents you getting pneumonia


The Prevenar 13 injection is an additional Pneumonia vaccine to the Pneumovax. It is a good thing you are having it. Keep up with all your flu vaccines as well. I had it because I have not developed sufficient antibodies against the different strains.


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