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Running out of options

I have been having asthma like symptoms for the last two years - I used to be very fit but not any more. Sadly, my asthma cannot be controlled properly with an inhaler - the relief they offer is very temporary. I have to use Prednisilone regularly. Even after the inhaler my chest is still tight and I wheeze a lot.

I am waiting for surgery on my sinuses to see if this helps as I have post nasal drip which I imagine may improve matters. My concern is if it doesn't- my job is stressful (police) and I have to be fairly fit - I cannot keep taking prednisilone to get by due to the long term effects. The last GP I saw was very alarmed because I was wheezing so much and referred me back to my respiratory specialist- she admitted that she was'nt sure it was asthma because of the short space of time it has taken to flatten me. CT scan of my lungs was normal, but I have an IGE of 527 - no triggers could be found.

I am not sure what the future holds. I cannot even get a good nights sleep anymore. The old saying is true - health is everything.

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Sounds like it's an allergic asthma you have. Is there anything you can pin point it to? Pollen, dust, animals. They tend to be th big culprits. Have they tried you on monteleukast? What medications are you taking currently?


My asthma has also recently become out of control. I am however still able to go to gym . My IGE results showed 870 when I did mine last month , I'm about to go see an allergist in the coming week. Have you tested for specific food allergies ?


I am taking montelukast - inhaler is fostair. The NHS state they have tested me as much as they can in relation to my trigger.



I have had a similar problem. Speak to your doctor if you can take Escitalopram 5 mg, which is given for Anxiety. It helped me to come out of breathlessness/chest tightness. Also let me know what are inhalers you are taking and what is the content.




Consider asking your ENT Consultant / Doctor to be assessed for Eosinophilic Otitis Media. If often goes hand in hand with Eosinophilic Asthma (one of the common phenotypes of Asthma). If you are prone to both Asthma and Sinus / Rhinitis Issues such a check might throw further light on what's causing you so many issues.


Have you had your throat checked do u feel its tight i have vcd which presents simular symptoms to asthma


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