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Hi first time on here.

So I was diagnosed asthmatic around 10 years ago at 14, since then it was generally very well controlled, the occasionally attack, but I could generally live me life. I was in a low dose of my steroid inhaler, rarely took my blue.

Three years ago, my asthma got increasingly worse, I was moved up a dose in my brown inhaler. My doctor prescribed Montelukaust and told me to take 2 doses of my blue inhaler before my brown, twice a day. And to continue that until my next review.

Everything seemed to settle down again, doctors told me to continue with my action a plan.

Then within the last year I've had 9 chest infections throughout the year. Throughout the last 10 years I've had pluriesy quite a few times. Within the last 2 months, I've had 2 chest infections and tonsillitis. over the last 6 months I've been increasing finding it difficult to control my asthma, I'm having to use my blue inhaler, frequently, one day I had to use it 5 times in one morning! I've had a constant cough for the last 3 weeks. Making me cough so much, I can't catch my breathe. I've been to the doctors on and off for months and they just keep telling me to take my medication (which I do).

They aren't listening to me. I'm becoming breathless walking up the stairs, missing out on dance lessons and going out with friends, I never used to be this bad. What can I do??

Has this happened to anyone else? Any advice for me?

Thank you!!!

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  • Hi there, it can be a common problem with doctors not listening. So you need to be pro- active. Get a peak flow meter, and keep a diary, there are apps or you can use pen and paper or a spreadsheet. Take your peak flow twice a day before medications. And additionally if you are very breathless. Keep a note of any attacks and what caused them, as well as how much blue inhaler you are using.

    Also you should have a written Asthma plan from your doctor with clear instructions about what to do when.

    Obviously I don't know you, but it sounds as though you may need more/ different medications. I've always found keeping good records on paper goes down well with doctors. My good peak flow is very high, which means when I'm really quite sick my peak flow is in the 'normal' range for someone of my height and weight. It took ages for me to find that out.

    Good luck with your doctor


  • Thank you!

    Generally my PF readings are around 300-350, when breathing normally. I will keep a written copy to show them.

  • Hi can i ask where tightness feels eg chest or throat

  • I get tighteness across my chest and under my ribs.

  • Hi Miles. Sounds exactly what I had. Eventually got to see the specialist after a year of chest infections and after tests was disgnosed with bronchiectasis which they gave me medication for , new steroid inhalers and the chest infections stopped.

    Unfortunately the specialist weaned me off the meds after 6 months free of chest infections and they've now started coming back. I'm at the doctors tomorrow.

    I hope this helps. Ask the doctor to send you for tests. I had a scan, a lung function test.

    This isn't something the doctors would pick up. Only disgnosed after tests.

    Take care. Pearly

  • Hope you get it sorted and better soon.

  • Point out to your GP, as forcibly as you can within politeness levels, that his plan is not working and you need to see a consultant. I shouldn't get too hung up on the PF readings - they are only one of a number of indications, although if your PF varies a lot it would be good to keep a record. Do you know what sets you off? You might need allergy tests if it is not just exercise induced. There may be other reasons why you are so sensitive to infections and a consultant might know the answers. Best of luck with the GP!

  • Hi, I'm allergic to cats and dogs, so am on daily antihistamines and have different ones if particularly bad.

    Thank you!

  • Go and ask your doctor to order a full blood count to rule out any serious illness and then possibibly go and see an allergist.

  • See an Alexander Teacher. The medical profession do not know the relationship between posture, muscular behaviour and breathing.

    One of the things that is known is that particular asthma medications stop working after a period of time. You may be getting this problem. A doctor can only refer to a consultant to look at it. A doctor does not have the tools to check this.

    There are coughs which are caused by partial blockage of the airways by head position. No amount of meditation will help this until the head is realigned again.

    It is worth seeing a chiropractor. Cramp in certain back muscles will help prevent the lungs being cleared of foreign matter. Foreign matter is a good breeding ground for bacterial films. (hence repeat infections). If you are trying to suppress coughing then you are suppressing the foreign matter clearing mechanism.

    This is not an answer for your symptoms. It is an area to investigate to see if they are involved in your symptoms.

    Hope this is useful.

  • This happened to my daughter. Exactly the same . Had persistent cough, one chest infection after another and uncontrolled asthma for several years, constantly breathless, plus a dr that was useless. She was eventually seen by a locum (as dr was on holiday) who immediately referred her to a specialist, citing suspected bronchiectasis. He was absolutely correct, she was diagnosed with bronchiectasis at 19. If you've had so many infections in a 12 month period (can't remember number, it may be 3) you should be referred for a chest X-ray and referred to specialist for investigation. Ask to see another dr. Don't leave it, repeated infections can damage your lungs.

  • Thank you! I will talk to them about this! Fed up of antibiotics now!

  • Hi as well as bronchiectisis it could also be reflux ive got esophegitis grade 2 and my symptoms are like asthma try gaviscon and ranitide youve got nothing to lose hope you sort it out

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