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Could my printer be an asthma trigger?


I am new here, and was diagnosed with asthma six months ago. At first I took Clenil and it was working well, but in November I had a chest infection and ended up in A & E with an asthma attack. The problem is that I just can't seem to get the asthma back under control since the chest infection. I have had Pred and antibiotics many times.

My asthma nurse is certain that it is my large printer that I have at home which I use on a daily basis for my work, which is stopping me from getting my asthma under control.

Has anybody else been told this or heard of this? I don't want to give up my business if it isn't the printer causing it. I'm so confused.

Thanks in advance.

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Is the printer laser or inkjet. Laser printers produce ozone which is an irritant. Should be able to compensate by appropriate air filter and only having printer on when need to use.

Hope this helps.


I think the dust from paper is a bad one for me.


Hi. I can only speak from my own experience but I can't have a printer in my house they give off carbon. I have brittle asthma and a lot of allergies to. xx


The nurse is close..... It's the alcohol in the ink. As athsmatics we're all allergic to different things, which we call triggers. Alcohol and chemicals being two of them. Have you ever opened a glossy magazine and statted wheezing. It's the vapours released from the ink. Smell your hands after cleaning them with the spray they have in hospitals, it will make you wheeze. It's the neat alcohol vapours. However, when you drink it, it relaxes you, thus easing your anxiety so you stop wheezing, until the relaxant bit wears off, then you,ll wheeze again


Try it! have a day or so off working, not entering the room with the printer, and see if it gets any better. Garyocean is right - I once went into a printing shop and walked out a minute later, already wheezing, tho my printer doesn't bother me. Perhaps you will have to find a creative method of keeping on with your work long term. Maybe an assistant who does your printing? I love the idea of a glass of wine, say, to relax you while you work...


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