Asthma exacerabation

So I've had a really nasty virus which has gone onto my chest. I feel awful I'm needing 4-10 puffs 2-4 hourly. I went to the doctors today and I've been prescribed 40mg of prednisolone for 5 days and amoxicillin for 5 days. Is there anything I can do to make me feel better. I'm scared to go to sleep as I wake up really breathless and wheezy.

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  • Hi Lucy

    Sorry you are so unwell.. your antibiotics and steroids should kick in within a couple of days..but should you feel too breathless tonight I would call in NHS or get somebody to take you to A&E if you feel up to it. I feel you are taking a lot of puffs already. You shouldn't be worried to fall asleep. Put a couple of extra pillows to sleep propped up and have hot drinks if it helps you in the meantime.

    Take care Lucy and let us know how you are getting on x

  • Thank you for the reply. I'm still taking my inhaler a lot. I don't always wheeze I can have a silent chest but be breathless and tight chested. I definitely will get seen if I feel worse! I think I might sleep on the sofa as I'll be more propped up

    Thank you x

  • Felt the same myself in the past so I would set my alarm and check my peak flow every 2-3 hours during the night. If it was low I woukd take my blue inhaler. . Sounds crazy but I was afraid to sleep. Anyway the steriods will help u they reduce inflammation. Hope u feel better soon. If medication dosnt improve your breathing and u feel unwell go to a and e. They will check u and give nebuliser.

  • Also I bought one of them v shaped pillow to try sleep upright since this helps breathing.

  • Ive posted an update about needing a paramedic if you want to read

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