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Advise needed


Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with severe asthma after 5 1/2 months of chest infections, viral infections. Within these months I had 3 admissions to hospital the last one I was kept in for 5days. What can I take to help boost my system so I can get motivated to loose weight as well. I am on 4 inhalers as well as some pills, but thankfully they decided steroids were not working after being on them for 3 months. Any advise

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My GP has me taking a daily multivitamin and 1000mg of vitamin C a day (I take the vitamin C in the morning and the multivitamin in the evening). I don't know if it helps, but I seem to have had a better winter than normal. I have only had one chest infection instead of several! I think it takes time to build up an immune system, but anything is worth a try. As for the weight, I did slimming world for awhile and that seemed to help. I would like to do it again, but I keep telling myself when I feel better! :-P It is so hard to get motivated to loose weight. Good luck. x

As you probably know, being over weight is an issue for Asthmatics as it can contribute to inflammation (which is a primary cause of Asthma).

Have you consisidered the 5/2 Weight Loss Techique whereby you eat normally for five days a week but follow a calorie control regime on the other two?

There's also the 16/8 Approach where you leave 16 Hours between your evening meal and your next meal.

There's more to both of these weight loss techniques than stated above so you'd need to research them or buy books etc.

As for your Asthma, you might want to monitor your Peak Flow with a Home Peak Flow Tester that you can buy from your Pharmacist or get a free script for if you qualify. I do that daily plus also purchased and self monitor with a Finger Pulse Oximeter. Both devices provide you with objective unemotional data to help you self assess your condition and to quote stats from to any medical person you need to seek urgent help or advice from.

Hi Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time.

My doctor has told me to take vitamin C supplements (for my asthma) and to eat lots of green vegetables, fruit and pulses. She has also told me to eat 2 bananas a day! (Not sure why) but I have lost 1 and 1/2 stones in a year. Mostly by cutting out snacking and eating healthier.

Good luck!!!

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