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Allergic Asthma, flu and Pleurisy

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Hi everyone, I've just joined here so hope this is okay!

I have Allergic/Brittle Asthma which is a constant pain my in life - I have Xolair jabs every other Friday which I started in Nov 16, daily oral steroids inhalers etc etc etc.

However beginning of Jan I picked up a nasty flu, had a blood clot on my lung was in respiratory isolation unit for a week all tate jazz, came home, rushed back in twice since with asthma attacks and also almost 4 weeks ago now told I have pleurisy as a result(I presume). I am still completely unable to work, deferred a year of university study now, hardly managing to get around the house still and the pain in my ribs and particularly chest seems to be getting worse rather than better!!!!! Apologies for the rant but I was wondering/hoping if anyone has/had any similar experiences and any advice?



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Well that seems like a barrel of laughs. Had pleurisy once wasn't pleasant, only way to beat it is to let it play its self out. I'm assuming they've got you on pain relief? It does get better... honestly it does.

I was sent home when I had the flu and blood clot with tramadol which I tom for probably 10 days which made me completely drowsy yet stopped me actually sleeping and hardly did anything for the pain eventually gave in and when I was rushed back to hospital and diagnosed with pleurisy changed over to codeine which plays hell with me. Still on codeine but that's hardly doing anything either now, amitryptyline started a few days ago which is supposedly going to help with sleep so who knows!!!!! Thanks for your reply!! Xx

No worries I found codiene just about managed to keep the pain to a dull roar. Rest is the best cure ultimately. Hope you get some respite soon.

hi there, I didn't know what pleurisy was till I looked at wiki just now - certainly a heavy thing to deal with but especially so for anyone with asthma.

As there is a significant issue with inflammation, then I think, as is the case with asthmatic inflamed airways, it being a necessity to breathe, then it's a challenge to avoid inhaling particles that irritate, such as even an asthmatic might usually tolerate between exacerbations. In short, it might be worth trying an air purifier to capture particles and (so the manufacturers claim) viruses and other pathogens. I use standard HEPA and HEPA-type ones to great effect (today for example when hovering, although I had need od clarytin for sneezing, didn't need inhaler, but only hard floors and a hall runner!).

Any little reduction in the irritant load your inflamed lungs have to deal with may be worth a go, I do hope things turn better soon.

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Great! thanks for replying :-)

I'll look into that!

Pleurisy is a nightmare indeed especially as an asthmatic because the ideal drugs for it are banned lol!!


Where you not offered a flu jab?

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AmyLouise10 in reply to M-D-F

Yep I have r every year and he pneumococcal jab a few years back after having pneumonia!

Btw,... Welcome!!!😊

Hi Amy 🌺

Sorry you had such a difficult time..

I suppose you see a specialist if you have Xolair jabs..I had a pleurisy a couple of times you need plenty of rest..did you get the pneumonia jab? I had it this year I think it helps. Time to have a chat and a review I think 😊

You take care and let us know how you are getting on x

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Yes I just had them this morning I go to the respiratory department at the hospital in Bristol, I had the pneumococcal job a few years back after having pneumonia and I had the flu jab every year!

I was due to see my respiratory consultant in Jan but it got bumped back to May - asthma nurses and GP hoping to bring it forward though, fingers crossed!

Thankyou!! Xx

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I hope you will get your appointment soon xx

Oh you poor lass! Sadly, it is true that with pleurisy, you just have to wait until it gets better. Seems like forever, but it does go in the end. An air purifier could definitely help as you have allergic asthma. (Try anything once is my motto) Best of luck!

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