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I've had a recent example exacerbation of my asthma which resulted in a stay in hospital. I had already had my usual preventer - symbicort 200 and a course of 40mgs pred over 5 days. I was discharged on another 5 day course of pred and still had peak flows, at this point of 200 to 250. Back to the docs, one who dismissed the low peak flow as 'not a problem'. I saw the advanced nurse as the steroids were about to run out - I was no better and was put on a reducing dose this time and a change of inhaler to fostair. Symbicorts newer version! Saw the asthma nurse a week later and still, the peak flows were 250 to 300. Changed inhalers to duoresp but the biggie...320/9. I've had the shakes, feel like I'm on edge all the time and still have peak flows of 300 to 350...better I suppose but what on earth? I've been at this since Xmas which is where it all kicked off with a bad cold, shingles and a poorly family! I've never been this bad and it's never taken this long and I'm thoroughly fed up and at a loss as to why I've not improved. Any advice would be fab.

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  • So sorry you have had a bad time recently..I think it builds up we get sick and it is difficult to overcome and our immune system gets low so we catch something else..There are winters like that :)) there are years like that as well!! But I would get a referral and have all the meds checked..sometimes a well suited inhaler can make all the difference, as well as rest and exercise..because so told me the respiratory specialist, first we tend to work so we don't rest as we should when we are sick and then as we are sick we get tired easily so we don't exercise as we should or eat as we should..So I think it is a combination of the 3 things..

    Good luck Andrea xx

  • Hi

    I agree. Rest is important. I'm still off work and now currently also have a small bout of shingles to top me off!. I'm only 44 and never been so uncontrolled but I agree..maybe my inhalers I've been on don't agree with me. They're thinking monteleukast next. But a referral first.

    Thank you x

  • Oh dear shingles, I understand you are feeling low..

    Good to know you have a referral. You are on the right track, it all takes time I know..I hope they solve it for you :)))

    Could be some inhalers don't agree with you or are not effective. I have had a lot of different inhalers..they worked well at first then didn't any longer..who knows why..Some people do well on Montelukast.

    Best of luck Andrea x

  • Sorry your not well get well soon.

  • I know it is very difficult not to focus on the peak flow reading, but in my experience, doctors are not much bothered by it, unless there is a sudden drop, and yours are very slowly going up which is good news. It depends more on how you feel physically and mentally. No wonder you feel a bit low with all the problems you have at the moment, but I am sure they will pass and things will improve for you. Of course you should see a consultant if you really feel you are not getting any better, but your GP may simply advise you to give the current regime time to settle. Your asthma nurse should be able to help you with the feeling of edginess and the shakes, but you may just need patience and a way to relax a bit. Best of luck!

  • Hi

    My recent (Long) Comment added to a Post on this Forum was mostly about Peak Flow and I believe there may be something in it that might help a bit.


  • I was going to say don't get too hung up by your pf readings unless there's a sudden drop but I got beaten to the post. I will however, concur that we all have periods when it seems to be a struggle. At least you're getting some good input and after thirty years I've got used to my asthma throwing a curve ball every now and then, doesn't stop it sucking big time. Anyway hope the shingles and breathing improve soon.

  • Hi

    I think the fact that they're half of what they should be at times is a worry but the SOB is the worst. I horse ride - event mostly but get out of puff just trotting around! I think Xmas took it out if me.

    Interestingly though, my Iga levels are elevated at 600...I have ever allergies to house dust mite and pollen! I had viral meningitis last year followed by shingles, it likes me, and my CSF WCC was at 95%! Think my immune system needs a good kick up the bottom!

    I'm resting. All I can do.

  • Horse riding is good work out and rest is important. As for shingles I've heard it said that once you've had them it's always fighting to come back and with your levels of antigen response and others I'd definitely agree an immunilogical reboot sounds like a plan 😉

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