Hi update i'm in London rbh chest not to bad on the hydrocortisone but before I came in I fell over and banged my head and knee bad and keep feeling dizzy for some reason I keep falling over there going to do tests inbhere for it got to have a 24hoir tape tracing done of my heart ❤️ to c what going on i'm not allowed uonwith out a nurse they called doc this morning because I went funny , I used to pass out when I was younger but never found out y so hopefully in here they can find out What's what hope the chest is being good but that's the hydrocortisone keeping me up and the nebs hope everyone ok have a good day x

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  • Sorry you fell and hurt yourself, hopefully you will get some answers. Sounds like you are in the right place. Good luck hope all goes well. Looking forward to your updates.

  • Good luck xxx

  • So sorry Tracey hope they take well care of you xx

  • Thanks just had pick line out in and and 24 hour heart monitor machine

  • I see..hope they find out what is wrong with you..maybe you are over tired, all those trips to hospital and chest infections are bound to get you down. Wishing you all the best Tracey x

  • Thanks I hope they find out what's wrong x

  • Hope u feel better soon Tracey ur in the best place x

  • Hi thanks x

  • I hope they find out what is wrong. Take care and lots of love xxxx

  • Yea got 24 hour heart tracer on now and a pick line in now x

  • Tracye, just thinking about you, thanks for update. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 For continued healing 😘

  • Thank u hope ubk

  • Hope you feel better soon and they get some answers from the test.

  • Thanks me to

  • Yes hope you get rest and an answer on your heart trace.

  • So sorry that you fell and hurt yourself. I hope you recover well.

    I'm sure RBH investigations/tests etc will come up with a solution and help you with your health issues.

    Hope heart tracing goes ok.

    Take very great care of yourself.

    God please help to heal Tracey. Amen.

  • Oh dear Tracey- you really are going through the wars at present :-( So sorry for you... x

  • Hi Tracey

    Sending you best wishes and a very BIG hug 🙅take care.xx

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