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There was a good article on the Asthma UK newsletter about how asthmatics find it hard to fight colds and viruses and they are researching for a new med to stop attacks..

I can't fight viruses any just lasts and lasts..I feel I have had this sore throat for ever..went down the doctor's on Friday to get it checked. I said is it thrush, just wanted to be sure..he said no it is just inflamed..could be a virus could be he gave me some glycerin pastils to suck. They are quite good I must say it helps to coat the throat..anyway I first thought it was the nebs but no because I haven't had any for two days and it came back with a vengeance..could be the seretide inhaler..or just a virus not quitting..


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  • Hi there I've had a virus since before Christmas and several courses af antibiotics and steroids and nothing worked, I'm only starting to get over it now.I know it's not pleasant but the only thing that helped me was to drink a lot of water, I started taking garlic capsules for their natural anti fungal and antibacterial effects and wrapped up in a house coat when going to bed which made me sweat, don't know if this is actually what helped in the end or if it was just that it had run its course also I took a high quality probiotic to help build up disease resistance.Hope this is of some help to you.All the best.x

  • thank you :)) I eat live yoghurt that helps..I can't take garlic it gives me heartburn..I drink a lot of herbal teas with honey..I should drink more water too..Thanks again for the advice x

  • Yes very useful Sjm.

    It's often hard to know what makes the difference, but the combination sounds good.

    Hearing people's stories is so supportive.

    Wish you well.


  • It is and what works for one person doesn't always work for another, so it is a bit of trial and error.

    All the best.

  • Thanks 🌻

  • Love the sunflower thank you!

  • Thanks!

    Makes me smile too!

    A-J 🌻

  • I have had different people recommend ginger and lemon tea with local honey. I don't know if it works but it is surprisingly nice to drink! 😊 Good luck with the colds though. I know how you feel. I just got over a chest infection and I already have a sore throat and coughing up phlegm. I think because of all the steroids, I am more susceptible but what can I do. Hopefully spring comes soon.

  • I think you are right we are more susceptible..I must say the blackcurrant glycerine pastilles are quite good

  • Do they help with your sore throat?


  • They do thank you..but it is not going least it is relief..

  • Sorry to hear you've been poorly with a sore throat on top of everything else you have to contend with. I haven't much in the way of advice to offer, (except to say that ginger tea with honey is rather nice), and to offer you some tlc from afar :-)

  • thank you flossie yes my head in the honey jar^^

  • Do you use a spacer? My throat used to be irritated all the time before I got one last Autumn. Also, there is a never-ending virus going around :(

  • Yes I have an aerochamber thank you but with the nebuliser although I stop and rinse it is a killer..

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