Well what a night it's been between coughing and heartburn I done well Not so tired last night in my own bed off to London tomorrow for hospital rbh for 10 days so no sleep but I just hope they can sort my chest out and make me feel abit normal again as still not able to do much since I came out still on nebs And can't go far haven't even left the house since I been home and that not me have a good day everyone x

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  • Dear Tracey, I don't think anyone sleeps well in hospitals.

    I do always make sure I have an eye mask, ear plugs and a smuggled in pillow.

    As you're an old hand I'm sure this is like trying to teach your granny to suck eggs.

    But anyhow let's see if anyone else has hospital sleeping tips.

    Good luck tomorrow. I hope you get the help you are looking for.

  • Hi yeah tried loads stuff and the high dose of hydrocortisone they give me doesn't help with sleeping take care x

  • Good luck. Thinking of you.

  • Thanks x

  • All the best hope you come out feeling brighter. So frustrating being stuck in but hopefully you'll be back on your feet soon. Xx

  • Good luck Tracey. I hope things improve for you soon.

  • You also take care. Good luck for tomorrow and keep in touch. You would not want to go out in this weather - it's wet and really cold.

  • Tracey, hoping this trip to hospital is your last for a long time. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Healing and health. 😘

  • Good luck with your RBH admittance.

    I hope they sorted your lungs/chest out.

  • Hi thanks all packed and ready to go b there for 3pm il try and update as much as I can but got lots of tests to do lung function etc and that one makes me bad so not looking forward to it and signal not great up there but will try my best take care x

  • Good luck, hope you get sorted and start feeling better. Kind regards x

  • Good luck Tracey hope the treatment starts to work..ask for a sleeping tablet at night. Take care xx

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