Salt therapy

Salt therapy

Hello everyone, well my asthma is once more under control after last weeks attack. I bought a saline plus salt therapy unit for my bedroom and well I do seem to be sleeping a lot better. May be coincidence but as I gets such good reviews I'm willing to have it on every night to breath easy.

I was wondering if anyone else has tried it or has it?

Remain blessed and as well as possible x

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  • Hi I am glad this is working for you. I have never tried it but have heard of others who have. It seems to be mixed - some say it works for them and others not. I say if it helps you then keep on doing it. x

  • Too early to say one way or other but anything is worth a try x

  • You are not wrong there! x

  • I've not heard of that, hope it works for you 😊

    I'm away to google it - hoping it could help me. Night time is my trickiest tricky time so keen to try anything that could help.

    Fingers crossed for you and also very glad you ve had a better night xxx

  • Pharmacist and hospital doctors all said it has good reviews. I suppose it just depends on each presentation. Here's hoping 🤞 x

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