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Advice about possibly asthma

Ok so im new here, call me Grumpy, because i usually am. Anyway enough of the introductions.

Over the last year ive found myself getting more and more breathless after exerting myself. just to put into contacts how breathless i get now, i use to walk 1 1/2 mile and be absoluteltly fine i woukd walk everywhere, now just a 15 mins walk is enough to leave me completepy breathless, tired and struggling to talk, and often end up getting buses. Could this be asthma? Or something else?

Ive smoke for 20 year, and have also just got over the flu.

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Need to see your doc. I went 3 year ago thought I had a bit of a chest infection but it was asthma good luck and let us know how you get on 😁


Dear Grumpy,


Breathlessness can be a sign of many things as well as Asthma, We can't diagnose you on this site, as of course no one here knows you.

The key test for asthma is reversibility, which is easily carried out. Your local GP should do this for you.

If you have all these symptoms you should make an appointment with your doctor asap. Also flu can have long term effects so write a list of all your symptoms for the doctor




Hi I agree that you need to see your doctor. I was diagnosed with asthma 30 years ago and the doctor said while it wasn't caused by smoking it was triggered off by it. This could be the case with you but only your doctor can diagnose you. x


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